Democrats Attack Their Own Candidate In Texas Race

Those who believe in progressive Democratic candidates will be infuriated with what the national party has been doing to its own candidate in one particular race in Texas. The candidate is Laura Moser, and reports that the national party has released opposition research against her.

When you look over the resume of Moser, it is difficult to understand why the party would want to take a swipe at her. She is a journalist as well as being a mother of two. She seems to be pretty popular in the feminist movement, which is a critical asset in this political climate. She is also a rather progressive candidate on a number of other issues. However, the Democratic Party is not buying it.

The DCCC has released the research because it appears that they fear she could be used as a symbol by the other side to attack Democrats as a whole. Moser had written an op-ed in 2014 saying that she would rather have her teeth pulled then move back to the area of Texas that she is now running in (her and her husband had been living in Washington D.C. until recently). This might be displayed as elitism by the Republicans who would like to take down any Democrat in the seat no matter who they are.

This is a Texas seat that the Democrats believe they can win. It is an area that voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Still, it has been represented by a Republican for some time. Now the seat is open, and a swarm of candidates have latched on to the Democratic primary. The national party suggests that the contempt that Moser has shown for her area of Texas is enough to eliminate her from consideration for the general election.

There are some high up in the party that say that any of the other candidates in the primary would have a great chance of taking the seat. However, they believe that if Moser wins the primary that revelations of her words about Texas will sink her campaign and make the seat a likely Republican hold.

It is interesting to see a political party attack one of their own. That is just the way that these types of things have to go sometimes to get people to wake up and understand that there is really a lot at stake with these races. What the primary voters will do is still yet to be seen.

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