Donald Trump Offends With Tweet About British Healthcare

United States President Donald Trump’s tendency to test the country’s relationship with its allies showed itself again with an attack via Twitter of Health Services provided to citizens of the UK. In the moments following a segment airing on Fox News explaining the strain that the current winter has placed on the UK system of Healthcare.

President Trump was critical in his assessment that Democrats in America are pushing for a similar system that is failing in the UK.

Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary for Britain, who has been the object of much of the criticisms surrounding the winter health crises in his country was quick to return fire at the President.

Hunt, also using Twitter to make his statement, said that he was proud of his country’s health care system before aiming directly for the President by saying that no one in the UK wants to live in a system where 28 million individuals do not have access to health care.

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn made a comment that appeared to make an indirect reference to Trump by saying that healthcare is a human right.

A month ago President Trump was forced to apologize when he retweeted posts made by a far-right organization in the UK. The President says he did not know what the group stood for at the time of the Tweets. The issue was a major source of disagreement and even prompted a spokesman for Prime Minister Theresa May to give a strong rebuke to the President’s actions.

President Trump has also had his share of conflict with London Mayor Sadiq Khan who has been vocal in his stance against a State Visit being extended to the U.S. President.

Khan told media sources that he believed Trump had “gotten the message” from the citizens of London when a planned trip by the president to London was canceled.

It is believed by many that any visit on the part of President Trump would be met by extreme protests.

Trump’s recent comments about the NHS is a sore spot for a country that is struggling to continue to provide a universal health care system while facing the rising cost of providing care to patients. The hotly contested debates regarding funding for the NHS have intensified in recent weeks due to the extra demands on the system caused by the winter.

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