Jeff Aronin and Paragon Biosciences Drive Development of Important Medicines

Jeff Aronin Uses Paragon Bioscience to Develop New Medicine

The mission of Paragon Biosciences is to improve lives through the use of biomedical innovations. The company seeks to help people live healthier for longer. Paragon helps build and grow biotechnology companies through investments of financial and human resources — ensuring each biotech startup has the best chance to succeed.



The Paragon Philosophy

One of the largest challenges facing patients and medical professionals today is the sheer number of illnesses that do not have adequate treatments available. Rare diseases — those affecting fewer than 200,000 people — in particular often either lack a treatment or are addressed in suboptimal ways. Small patient populations can sometimes be missed, or be de-emphasized, by larger biotech and pharma companies. Paragon Biosciences works differently — focusing on the areas of greatest patient need and applying its clinical expertise to bring forward novel treatments in more efficient ways.


The Paragon Strategy

Paragon’s strategy is based on a few key concepts: understand a patient’s illness, identify breakthrough science to address the illness, and build focused companies that get medicines approved. Paragon’s team actively seeks to understand why a certain condition exists and how it manifests itself clinically in a patient population. In many instances, there is an underlying cause of a disease that is not being addressed by currently available treatments. The Paragon team studies the cause and evaluates whether there are potential treatments that can be developed to address the underlying disease (


Breakthrough scientific advances can come from anywhere these days. No one country or industry can lay claim to having all of the answers to the next medicine to treat a rare disease. That’s why Paragon’s network of experts helps it to identify and rapidly evaluate promising science that could one day help solve the challenge of a daunting disease. Paragon’s track record of success and its collection of experts helps it to sift through scientific data to find promising compounds.


Once the patient need and science are determined, the next step is to build a company to connect patients with the promise of a treatment.


A part of the Paragon strategy that has led to successful outcomes for its companies is the idea that a focused team of experts, who have the resources they need, can effectively and efficiently bring medicines to patients. Paragon not only invests in startup biotech companies but provides important infrastructure with expertise in areas that are critical to the success of a startup in the healthcare industry. From clinical, regulatory, and medical expertise, to other strategic services, Paragon provides counsel to its companies to help the teams build their own plans and execute on them. A primary reason healthcare entrepreneurs are drawn to Paragon is that they have the support of other entrepreneurs who have already successfully built their own companies.


Paragon’s Leadership

Paragon Biosciences takes on challenges that most other companies would pass. In fact, Paragon’s CEO, Jeff Aronin, has said that he and his company are compelled to solve the problems that others would call unsolvable (Crunchbase).


Paragon’s team is committed to finding new science for vexing conditions. The leadership team has experience across industries and companies. They focus on bringing their collective expertise to benefit not only Paragon but its portfolio of companies as well.


Jeff Aronin, in particular, is a successful entrepreneur who has led pharmaceutical companies, championed for novel treatments, and helped deliver on what matters most to patients: access to medicines that can help them or their families.

Creating and sustaining the next generation of healthcare leaders is a particular passion of Aronin. That is why he has not only drawn a dynamic, experienced set of leaders to the startups that Paragon has created, but also to Paragon itself. In addition, Aronin has personally founded a leading healthcare incubator in Chicago, which currently has more than 200 up and coming companies at various stages of development.


Jeff Aronin has also won multiple awards and honors during his career. In 2017, he won the Weizmann Leadership Award. He was given the Frederic A. Gibbs Discovery Award a few years before that, and he won the Deal of the Year accolade from Buyouts in 2010. During the same year, he won the Humanitarian Award from the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center. Jeff received the Rovner Award from the Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago in 2007 and he was named an Entrepreneur of the Year finalist by Ernst & Young in his geographic area in 2006.


Since Paragon is dedicated to helping people who need it most, Jeff Aronin upholds that philosophy for people all over the globe through philanthropy. These are just a few of the organizations that Jeff has supported:

  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation


  • Susan G. Komen


  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation


  • Pediatric Sun Protection Foundation


  • Liver Life Challenge


Jeff Aronin is also passionate about helping organizations that improve life for children and educate people. He donates to the Chicago Parks Foundation, the Jewish United Fund, AIPAC, the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago and many other charities. Jeff is excited to continue improving lives by bringing vital medications to people in need with the collaborative help of the Paragon team.

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