John McCain Critical Of Nunes Release

Senator John McCain was harsh in his criticism of a decision on the part of fellow Republicans to allow for the release of a memo by Devin Nunes, House Intelligence Chairman, in opposition to the expressed wishes of members of the United States intelligence community.

The document was released by Nunes on Friday after being declassified by President Trump and alleges that officials working with both the FBI and the Justice Department exhibited a clear bias against the President’s campaign during the initial stages of the Russian investigation. Robert Mueller would later be named special counsel and entrusted to continue the investigation.

Senator McCain explains that the interference by the Russians has resulted in political discord and caused us to “become divided.” McCain also expressed that it is important that all involved realize that attacks on the intelligence committee are not a viable alternative to help fix this discord.

McCain also said that the American people should be made aware of the extent to which Russia has sought to subvert American democracy. McCain told reporters that for his reason it is important that Robert Mueller is allowed to perform a thorough investigation without being impeded in any way.

McCain finished his stern rebuke by pointing out that as long as the President and others involved continue to use the situation to “manufacture political sideshows” the work needing to be done by Putin is, in fact, being done by members of the American government.

Before releasing the memo to the public, the FBI took the unusual action of issuing a statement to the public to express what it characterizes as “omissions of fact” that seriously affect that accuracy of the conclusion that is being drawn from the reading of the memo.

Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader sent a letter on Thursday to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan demanding that Nunes be fired due to what Pelosi described as “deliberately dishonest actions.”

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