Month: February 2018

Siteline Cabinetry Custom Home Cabinets

The Modern Innovation of Siteline Cabinetry

Cabinetry is the cornerstone of a modern kitchen. Regardless of a home’s style or size, designers are always tasked with integrating cabinets that keep up with contemporary trends while offering exceptional functionality. Customization is a significant factor when designing cabinets since unique homes require specific cabinet dimensions and styles. Custom cabinetry is prohibitively expensive for

Can It Be True That the Kremlin Attacked American Troops in Syria?

If you have been paying attention to the news from the Pentagon and the Kremlin, then it is possible that you don’t have any information that Russia attacked US troops and their allied forces last week in Syria suffering significant casualties. However, both Washington and Moscow have admitted that there was a military incident at

The American Government Combats Terrorism But not Shootings in Schools

Michael Skolnik who is an activist issued yet another plea for measures of curbing gun violence after he learned of the Florida High School shooting that left 17 people dead. Mr. Skolnik has in the past issued such pleas when gun violence cases have happened in the United States. He wrote on his twitter handle

Sussex Healthcare New CEO

Sussex Healthcare: New CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor

Sussex Healthcare is a leader in the industry for healthcare delivery services in the United Kingdom. It is an independent company that maintains 20 locations for residents who require long-term care. Specialists are onsite, and they provide a variety of services that meet the specific needs of each individual. Custom healthcare plans add value to

How To Combat Foreign interference In American Elections

One of the most detrimental misconceptions about the US election interference by the Kremlin is that it began and ended with the presidential elections of 2016. Regardless of your party or political affiliation, it should be clear to everyone that the conclusion made by the US intelligence community that the 2016 presidential elections were interfered

The CIA Director Said That the Decision time For North Korea Was Near

The American director of national intelligence on Tuesday issued a warning that time was running out for the Trump administration to act decisively on the threat that is posed by the repressive regime in Pyongyang which is currently pursuing a ballistic nuclear missiles program. Dan Coats said that Pyongyang presented a potential threat to the

American Spies Who Sought to Retrieve Cyber Threats Paid Kremlin Trump Secrets

After a couple of week s of negotiations that were carried out secretly, a shadowy Russian national got over $100,000 from American intelligence community promising to deliver stolen cyber weapons from the National Security Agency. While negotiating the deal, the Russian citizen alluded that it would include President Trump’s compromising material from his 2016 presidential