Sussex Healthcare: New CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor

Sussex Healthcare New CEO

Sussex Healthcare is a leader in the industry for healthcare delivery services in the United Kingdom. It is an independent company that maintains 20 locations for residents who require long-term care. Specialists are onsite, and they provide a variety of services that meet the specific needs of each individual. Custom healthcare plans add value to the daily quality of life for every resident. Support services are inclusive, so they are designed to address the physical, mental and emotional needs of each client. This program addresses a variety of needs and optimises the health and wellness of each patient. Many of the homes include service providers that are on-call around the clock. The providers are also trained in providing care for patients who are at the end of their life and require these specialised services.

The recent hiring of Amanda Morgan-Taylor as the CEO signals the organisation’s commitment to improving all aspects of operations. Amanda brings a wealth of experience and background knowledge into her new role as CEO of Sussex Healthcare. Her previous work involved managing healthcare organisations that are going through intense periods of transition or require the specialised knowledge that comes with an experienced operational manager. Her career started in 1984 when she began working as a service manager, and she expanded her base of knowledge into the areas of care where the skills of a development director and managing director are needed. She also brings a wealth of experience to the position from her work with external authorities and stakeholders. Her integrated approach to quality service and compliance are the keystones of the organisation’s continuing success.

Sussex Healthcare Services

Sussex Healthcare offers a variety of support services to the elderly and disabled. Many of these clients are unable to live in their homes, and they often require specialised support services. The professionals at Sussex Healthcare are fully trained with the latest techniques in caring for the special needs of the disabled and elderly. In addition to high-quality care and support services, the staff is also trained to address the daily needs of each patient. This includes group and social activities, which are essential to maintaining the mental health of each person. Personalised attention is the hallmark of this company, and this includes physical therapy sessions with a trained provider in a modern gym setting designed to maximize the therapeutic potential of each session.

Sussex Healthcare’s health care providers are trained to take care of people who are living with a variety of conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, neurological disorders, mental impairments and learning disabilities. Additional services are available to clients who require physical therapy, occupational therapy and even alternative treatments. Examples include reflexology, art therapy, spas and multi-sensory rooms for specialised therapeutic protocols. Recent additions to the existing therapeutic protocols include personal hydrotherapy sessions, physical rehabilitation and nutritional support programs. The underwater treadmill offers patients suffering from loss of motor skills with the opportunity to enjoy the lightness that comes with submersion therapy while improving the muscles of posture, balance and support.

Facility Locations

Sussex Healthcare is a UK-based company that provides 20 separate locations for living with debilitating conditions that require professional support and care. The healthcare services can be provided within one of these homes that are designed and managed for long-term care. Each location was constructed to maximize the wellness and health of patients by offering a stable environment that enhances the comfort and provides the client with all of their medical and social needs at one site. The specialised gym for the elderly is located in the west portion of Sussex near Horsham.

Mission of Sussex Healthcare

The mission of Sussex Healthcare revolves around balancing the needs of patients with the standard compliance requirements for this industry. The addition of the new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor, adds another level of quality to the enterprise. The mission of the organisation involves optimizing the wellness of each client and helping them to live life to the fullest degree possible. The individual needs of each client are fully addressed by the professional staff. Each healthcare professional is hired on the basis of a demonstrated commitment to maintaining the highest standards in this profession. Continuing education is a part of this process, and the staff routinely engages in advanced education to maintain the highest standards of care and compliance.

History of Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare began operating in 1985 at a single location, and it has been growing at a rapid pace ever since opening. The enterprise has a range of support services for the elderly and sick. This is convenient for anyone who requires care within the vicinity of Sussex. This quality healthcare organisation has been providing support to clients since 1998. During this period of expansion, many additional services were added to facilitate the health and well-being of each patient. Emphasis was placed on services that assist the elderly in improving their range and quality of motion, and additional locations began using the protocols developed during the early stages of the company. The rapid growth of the company presents a unique challenge to the incoming CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor. Her experience in management is expected to assist the company during a period of transition and restructuring. Expected outcomes include improvements in the quality of care as well as updating the system of reporting to external stakeholders and investors.

Awards and Recognition

The Asian Business Awards recognized excellence and quality service by granting the 2016 Hotelier of the Year Award to Chairman Shiraz Boghani. Sussex Healthcare also received numerous awards recognizing their contribution to excellence and quality in healthcare delivery services. This includes the Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care Award, which is only given to companies that demonstrate excellence in the areas of respite, palliative care and end-of-life treatments. The facility is widely recognized as the top institution for care of those living with dementia, physical disabilities and those who are terminally ill.

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