The American Government Combats Terrorism But not Shootings in Schools

Michael Skolnik who is an activist issued yet another plea for measures of curbing gun violence after he learned of the Florida High School shooting that left 17 people dead. Mr. Skolnik has in the past issued such pleas when gun violence cases have happened in the United States. He wrote on his twitter handle that we are all forced to remove our shoes whenever a shoe bomber makes an attempt to blow off our plane. Mr. Skolnik made this reference to regulations passed by airport authorities after a terrorist made an attempt of detonating a bomb hidden in his shoe in 2001 inside a flight that was destined for Miami. He added that the US Congress has sat on its knees even after 1,606 American citizens have lost their lives as a result of mass shooting since the incident that occurs at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Brian Klaas, an American Academic had a similar sentiment regarding the mass shootings that have happened in the US in recent times.

He says that after the 9/11 terrorist attack on American soil, the US government tightened security after reinforcing the cockpit doors. However4, what Uncle Sam forgot is that the best way to deter terrorists is to have only good guys boarding American flights. Apart from the fact that the federal government has placed American law enforcement with firearms on planes in form of federal air marshals to act as a deterrence to any form of airline hijacking, there is still more to be done.

The arguments for counterterrorism measures significantly understate the response of the American government in the fight against global terrorism since the 9/11 attacks over a decade ago. After the attacks in 2001, President George W Bush launched several military operations in what was dubbed as the war against terror campaign. In October 2001, Bush sent his troops to Afghanistan in an operation known as Enduring Freedom to combat remove the Taliban regime from power. The US government accused the Taliban of giving a safe haven to the terrorists who actually attacked American soil in the wake of 9/11.

The largest terrorist group in the world, Al-Qaeda which operates in over 80 countries had its commanders based in the mountains of Afghanistan. The US Congress has passed almost 50 legislations relating to the 9/11 attacks which included one that gave the US president the authority to deal with terrorist groups which posed a threat to the US and her allies including the use of extreme force.

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