The CIA Director Said That the Decision time For North Korea Was Near

The American director of national intelligence on Tuesday issued a warning that time was running out for the Trump administration to act decisively on the threat that is posed by the repressive regime in Pyongyang which is currently pursuing a ballistic nuclear missiles program. Dan Coats said that Pyongyang presented a potential threat to the existence of the US as the sole remaining superpower after the end of the cold war. Coats was speaking at the Annual hearing of the Senate’s Intelligence committee where he also said that Kim Jong Un would also continue to test his intercontinental missiles in 2018.

Coats said that a time had come for Washington to make a statement to Pyongyang that it would no longer tolerate a nuclearized Korean peninsula which not only posed a severe threat to allies in the region but to the United States and the security and stability of the globe. The United States has been on a maximum pressure campaign against Kim’s regime where Washington has imposed very harsh economic sanctions against North Korea aimed at starving the nuclear program of all the resources it runs on. On his part, Kim Jong Un has said that the economic embargo imposed by both the US and the United Nation’s General Assembly is an act of war against North Korea.

The warning has come at a time when the tensions in the Korean peninsula have started to weigh down after Pyongyang resumed talks with Seoul after two years of silence where there was no formal contact between the two countries. North Korea also sent a high-level delegation to the Pyeongchang Olympics in South Korea which included the blood sister to the North Korean leader. Although Washington through the Secretary of State has proposed negotiations and a diplomatic approach to the nuclear threat that is posed by the regime’s nuclear missile program, President Donald Trump has said that all options were on the table including military action to prevent an attack on the United States and her allies in the region.

The Director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo issued another warning in a statement to newsrooms that Pyongyang was just a few months away of having the capabilities of launching a nuclear-charged missile into any major city in the continental United States. On Tuesdays Senate Intelligence Committee’s hearing said that Pyongyang had not given any indication of goodwill that they were willing to abandon their nuclear missiles program.

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