Troy McQuagge and US Health Use HOPE To Inspire Charitable Giving

Troy McQuagge is one of the most import assets to US Health Group. He is also responsible for starting the comany’s H.O.P.E. initiative.


He is well-educated with a degree from Central Florida, which is near his hometown of Panama City. He has steadily moved up the corporate ladder to improve his career and image to the point that he has become one of the most influential CEOs in the industry. Some of his previous positions included Allstate Insurance Company, United Insurance Companies (UICI) and need Insurance Company’s Agency.


About the HOPE Initiative


The HOPE Initiative is a corporate charity program that is lead by Troy McQuagge and the US Health Group.

It is an international initiative that is helping those from unfortunate living conditions better their lives in the long run.


The HOPE Initiative has other branches across the country that serve various purposes. The HOPEKids Arizona branch provides toys for low-income families so that they can have a happy holiday season. In just 2012 alone, over $25,000 worth of contributions were made to help local families. A similar branch in Northern Texas has also provided over $40,000 in donated toys. Happy children make happy families, which is why USHealth is recognized as one of the best family-oriented insurance companies.

troy mcquagge HOPEKids donation table
HOPEKids Donation Table

Disaster relief has been their biggest effort, especially with disasters like Hurricane Katrina. After Katrina had demolished many homes, Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA) and the HOPE Initiative collaborated to rebuild many of the destroyed homes. Other hurricanes that occurred in recent years had also received direct help from HOPE in order to restore balance in the affected areas.


There is no real motivation for why this initiative was started other than wanting to help others. The executives at USHEALTH have claimed that their company has a responsibility to help these communities to repair and grow. Troy has even exclaimed that every company has a heart and soul so that it is not just pure business at these corporations.


Troy Making It As CEO of the Year


The CEO World Awards, one of the most prestigious award shows amongst corporate executives, had named Troy as CEO of the Year of US Health on multiple occasions. His award was given to multiple factors considered, including his leadership skills and his charitable programs as listed above.


The One Planet Awards had also taken an interest in Troy and has given him an award as well in 2016. The Silver Stevie Award had also awarded him as the best salesperson of the year due to him scoring highly profitable corporate deals. The awards just keep stacking up and his portfolio is unmatched in the corporate world.


Most importantly, Troy had been recognized as a CEO that cares about his employees and customers rather than trying to impress shareholders. The customers of his company are some of the most satisfied in the American healthcare market that it is gained a significant amount of the market share. This is why he remains as the president of the company and will likely remain for quite a long time.


What Is The USHEALTH Group?

The USHEALTH Group is an insurance company that offers individual and family packages at affordable rates. The company has over 50 years in the marketplace and it continues to grow and gain popularity each year. The company has reached a regular 15 million customers and this base amount keeps growing. In recent years, it has done exceptionally well under the leadership of Troy McQuagge.

Their sickness and accident coverage is one of the most flexible on the market. Their plans are customizable by the customer to meet their own needs and income levels. If need be, a customer can opt out of certain types of coverage to lower their monthly payments.


There are even specialized plans that cover specialized or rare diseases. If one is int a freak accident, they also provide disability income until the victim can get back on their feet and into the workforce. Dental or vision packages may also come in handy if it is not provided by one’s employer or they are self-employed.

The workforce is also one of the best in the world. In 2013, they received the Top 50 North American Call Center recognition for having superb customer support and working conditions. Employees are very self-motivated to contribute to the company so that it becomes a better working environment.


Since Troy is the CEO of the company, he has made various reforms to improve its market share among patients who need coverage the most. In particular, the healthcare programs have been primarily marketed to freelancers, small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. The company has set the standard in the country for what self-employed health insurance packages should look like.

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