Washington Levels Accusations against Syria on the Use of Chemical Weapons in East Ghouta

The US government has accused the Syrian regime under the leadership of Bashar al Assad of using chemical weapons to kill hundreds of its citizens. The spokesperson for the US State Department, Heather Nauert stated on Thursday that there were reports of the use of chlorine gas against Syrian nationals in East Ghouta which was raising concerns from the community of nations. Mrs. Nauert through her twitter handle said that Moscow is making the wrong decision by not capitalizing on the unique and strong influence it has on the region.

She added that it was extremely inconsiderable for Russian to sit on its hands while the Syrian regime uses chemical weapons to sends its citizens to their deaths. Russia is one of the closest allies to Damascus and has previously blocked any attempts by the United Nations or Washington to do a thorough investigation on the suspected use of chemical weapons that have been outlawed under international laws of war. The comments from the US State Department comes a day after there was a chlorine gas attack in Eastern part of Ghouta some few miles from the Syrian capital, Damascus. The White Helmets humanitarian group has posted photos on social media including Tweeter of the scenes they recorded while undertaking rescue operations in the troubled region.

The Group under the hashtag #Doumasuffocating said on tweeter that three civilians had lost their lives as a result of the gas attack. The post said that there were suffocation cases involving the volunteers of civil defense, women, and children in 28 air raids involving the launch of over 70 missiles. Some of these missiles had been loaded with lethal doses of chlorine gas and over 200 artillery shells that had been targeted the towns in Eastern Ghouta. However, the tweet did not clarify whether the three dead civilians died out of the suffocation.

The volunteer group said that one of their members, Bilal Bayram was among those who lost their lives as a result of the chlorine gas suffocation. Eastern Ghouta houses the last remaining haven for rebels near the Syrian capital of Damascus. The region has been under siege from the Assad administration since 2013. It is estimated that over 400,000 civilians still reside in the area which suffers from severe shortages in food and medical supplies. The Russians have however negotiated a deal for a ceasefire in the region which only lasted for a few hours after its implementation late last month.

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