Adam Milstein: Helping Preserve the Jewish Identity

Adam MIlstein Jewish Identity

The history of the Jewish people in the United States is one that is not only incredibly interesting but is also incredibly important. Jewish Americans have been essential for advancing a wide variety of different industries ranging from business and art, to education and everything in between.

But though the role of the Jewish people in the United States has undeniably been important, preserving the culture that enabled these achievements is important as well. Even in the face of new forms of adversity, it is important for people to recognize and appreciate their roots and pass down the culture that helps connect them to their ancestors.

Adam Milstein New York Adam Milstein is an Israeli American citizen who, since first coming to the United States in 1981, has recognized the crucial role of Judaism among the American community. After first coming to the United States, Milstein ambitiously worked to establish himself as a real estate entrepreneur. He spent over three decades advancing Hager Pacific Properties (based out of California) as well as other personal endeavors. But lately, Milstein has shifted his focus to trying to advance various philanthropic causes.

Philanthropy is something that Adam Milstein firmly believes is essential to preserving and promoting the Jewish American identity. Without philanthropy, many of the important dialogues, works, and efforts made by the Jewish community would simply become inaccessible. Milstein has been working relentlessly to do all that he can to assure that the world is made a better place for everyone—no matter what their religion or nationality may be.

Promoting essential education measures

One of the foremost ways Milstein has been trying to improve the greater Jewish American community is by making education related to Judaism as available and accessible as possible. Years ago, Milstein came across some research conducted by the Pew Research Center that revealed that the majority of young Jewish people in the United States did not feel a strong tie to Israel. The research also showed that they were not able to correctly answer some basic questions about the Israeli state itself.

Troubled by this research, Adam Milstein sought to make a change. He and his wife—the founders of The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation—have been actively donating to over 200 Jewish organizations that have proven to make a meaningful difference. Many of these organizations are heavily involved in educating young Jewish Americans, making information about Judaism and Israel as widely available as possible, and helping to promote a greater interest in Israeli-American affairs among the general population.

Enabling young people to experience Israel firsthand

Adam Milstein Israeli Milstein, who has lived extensively in both Israel and the United States, realized that one of the surest ways to promote interest in Israel among young Jewish Americans was by presenting them with the opportunity to get to actually visit Israel. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation has been actively involved with organizations such as Birth Right—an organization that makes it possible for young American Jews to get to visit Israel—and numerous other related initiatives.

Milstein has been directly responsible for sending over 1,000 different people to visit Israel. He believes that by getting to experience the incredible history, monuments, and culture that Israel has to offer, American Jews will feel more connected to Israel, and ultimately, more connected to their Jewish identity.

Fostering a productive relationship between the United States and Israel

USA and Israel Adam Milstein

Having been named one of the 200 most influential philanthropists in the world by the digital platform Richtopia, it is no surprise that Milstein is actively involved in a wide variety of organizations. Milstein is the national chairman of the Israeli American Council and has played a crucial role in improving and preserving the very special relationship that exists between the United States and Israel. By focusing on this specific relationship in particular, the two nations are able to work towards common goals such as the promotion of world peace, the preservation of culture, and the universal protection of human rights.

Fighting the necessary fight against anti-Semitism

In addition to his philanthropic efforts, Milstein has also been one of the most prominent voices in the necessary fight against anti-Semitism. The fight of the Jewish people against discrimination has taken many different forms in many parts of the world over time. Anti-Semitism has enabled some of the most horrific events in human history. In order to avoid these tragedies in the future, having voices such as Adam Milstein’s is essential.

Encouraging pride amongst Jewish Americans

Another way in which Adam Milstein has been actively working to improve the Jewish American community is by being a central figure in the revitalization of Jewish pride. The Jewish American community has, undeniably, contributed a great deal to the progress of the United States, Israel, and nations everywhere. Despite only forming 2% of the American population, Jewish Americans are consistently among the highest performing individuals in the worlds of business, art, media, literature, academia, science, and numerous others. The Jewish American people have a lot to be proud of and having someone such as Adam Milstein—who is unapologetically proud of his faith and his identity—has been very important to promoting community pride.

The accomplishments of Adam Milstein in the business world have, without a doubt, been quite impressive. But keeping the values instilled by his faith in mind, Milstein is someone who is never content and will always keep working to improve the state of the world around him. His efforts relating to philanthropy, fostering positive relationships, enabling young people to go to Israel, fighting anti-Semitism, and many others have been quite remarkable. Although he has already been able to successfully accomplish a great deal in his life thus far, Milstein is someone who will continue to keep working, advocating for positive change, and doing what he can to make the world a better place.

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