Barbara Stokes and GSH: Home Building Relief Efforts

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When natural disasters occur, it affects many communities around the country. Often, a disaster causes people to lose all their belongings—including their homes. The aftermath is a traumatic time for those affected. There are several options for people impacted by natural disasters. Some can live with family or friends temporarily, while others qualify for rental aid. Placing people into manufactured housing units is a way that the U.S. Government helps those who have lost their homes due to a natural disaster, and now, these homes have received a significant safety enhancement.

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GSH Receives FEMA Contract


In response to a competitive request for bids, GSH of Alabama, LLC (GSH), a disaster relief construction contractor out of Huntsville, was awarded a contract with FEMA and the United States Department of Homeland Security to construct advanced manufactured homes. Barbara Stokes, GSH’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “GSH is proud to provide relief to all those affected by Hurricane Harvey.”


In addition to her leadership at GSH of Alabama, Barbara is an active volunteer in the Huntsville community and a mother to three.

A Place to Call Home


Manufactured housing units are small, temporary homes designed to fit into the average sized driveway. Constructed to include all of the standard HUD features, these homes now come with a substantial safety enhancement, automated sprinkler systems to suppress fires.


After living through a disaster, it takes a good deal of time for most individuals to regroup. Thus, the temporary homes must be as safe as possible to include capability for detecting when there is a fire in the home. The specification requirements for the advanced manufactured homes are defined in the contract. As with all government contract projects, the systems are built to meet or exceed specifications and code requirements.


The new fire suppression systems are there to protect and save the lives of residents should an accidental fire occur. While the sprinklers are a step above what is required to keep people safe, protecting people when they are at their most vulnerable is very important. Not only does the new system include sprinklers, but it also features a strobe device to ensure that the deaf and hard of hearing can stay safe while living in these homes. These enhanced capabilities transforms the temporary shelter in to a stable, safe haven so needed and important in the recovery process for disaster victims left homeless.


Designed for Long Durations


FEMA’s new manufactured housing units’ specifications can take care of the real world, long-term needs of people who have survived a disaster. These homes now include accessibility features to ensure that people who have access and functional requirements can live comfortably while they’re displaced.


GSH of Alabama takes advantage of the most advanced design, manufacturing and engineering techniques available in the manufactured housing industry to build its units. The company uses high-quality materials and has an exceptional reputation for delivering superior craftsmanship.

Barbara Stokes and her team bring proven leadership in the Disaster Relief Construction Industry to GSH of Alabama, LLC.


GSH CEO Barbara Stokes has extensive management experience. Along with this, she has worked in the government contracting sector in the past and is proud to direct the company as it works with FEMA and other government agencies.

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