To Invest in Marijuana Stocks, Or Not? Paul Mampilly Answers That Question.

Paul Mampilly recently made another one of his famous bold predictions. While most investing experts are hesitant to make such bold suggestions, Paul Mampilly is confident in his picks based on his research and success. In the past, he worked as a hedge fund manager for Kinetics Asset Management. As the key manager of the fund, he grew it to $25 billion from its original worth of $6 billion. While Paul Mampilly managed the fund, it had average annual returns of about 26 percent.

Over the years, Paul Mampilly has been featured in many printed and electronic news articles. Also, he was in televised segments on Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News and CNBC. He studied at SUNY in Albany before he started his career as an assistant to a portfolio manager. His bold but accurate predictions helped him move up quickly, and he managed funds for the Royal Bank of Scotland and several other entities before he moved on to Kinetics Asset Management. In 2017, Paul Mampilly launched a research service startup called True Momentum.

An article from Banyan Hill Publishing reveals Paul Mampilly’s thoughts on marijuana stocks, hints about his latest surprising prediction and the projected numbers behind that prediction. While many investment experts are still telling people to buy marijuana stocks, Paul Mampilly is telling his followers not to invest in them.

The Rise Of Marijuana Stocks

After investors saw a 2,400 percent increase for Neutra Corp, many advisers told people to invest in marijuana stocks. Rocky Mountain High Group also shot up by 2,400 percent, and Mentor Capital jumped by 1,666 percent. In the next several years, the cannabis industry is expected to grow by 350 percent. Today, it is a $7 billion industry, and experts say that it will be a $24 billion industry at the end of an eight-year period. While investors who currently own stocks in marijuana companies may still make good money from their investments, Paul Mampilly said that there is a little-known lucrative opportunity for making even more money.

Why Paul Does Not Recommend Marijuana Stocks

Paul Mampilly kept his promise to reveal the alternative option to his readers in a newsletter. His industry pick is set to increase from $235 billion to $4 trillion in only four years, which reflects a growth of 8,000 percent. For this reason, Paul Mampilly is not recommending any marijuana stocks to his readers. He authors an investment newsletter called Profits Unlimited. His goal with the newsletter is to educate average Americans about the stock market and to give them sound picks that hold the most potential for large profits. He has over 100,000 subscribers who read his newsletter.

Recently, Paul Mampilly pointed out that marijuana stocks declined after their jump. Today, he says that they are too risky for investors. According to Paul Mampilly, his surprising industry pick will create more millionaire investors in the future than any other industry in history. He says that investments in this industry will create even more profits than bitcoin and marijuana combined. Since Paul Mampilly has an impressive investing success record, his readers are always eager to take his advice.

In 2008, Paul Mampilly competed in the Templeton Foundation’s prestigious investing competition. He was invited by the organization after its leaders learned of his investment innovations and his success as a hedge fund manager. For the competition, Paul Mampilly invested $50 million. That amount turned into $88 million a year later. Since he made a 76 percent return during a major recession, a hedge fund that he co-managed called him one of the world’s best investors. Also, Paul Mampilly won the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition and received an award for it in 2009.

Why Paul Mampilly’s Readers Listen To Him

In the past, Paul Mampilly was famous for making millions for millionaires. However, he became a true legend after he walked away from Wall Street. He did this to help average Americans make millions instead of helping millionaires get richer. With his insight and help, many of his followers have made highly profitable choices. Paul Mampilly has helped his readers make as much as 6,220 percent in gains. To prove his earnings, one satisfied reader sent a copy of his brokerage statement that showed his profit of $998,000. He made that money after he took Paul Mampilly’s advice on investments.

While seeing large profits among his readers makes Paul Mampilly happy, he is especially excited about his latest suggestion. He said that the little-known industry will soon become popular, and investors who place their money wisely beforehand will be the ones who prosper. On his website, he posted a video that gave details behind the suggested industry.

Also, Paul Mampilly revealed the name of a specific investment pick to his paid subscribers. He said that the named company would make investors rich in 2018. Although Paul Mampilly has always been known for his intrepid predictions, this is the boldest pick of his career. According to Paul Mampilly, investors who take his advice about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity may see rapid wealth instead of gradual growth. As the industry starts to explode, Paul said that investors can expect average gains of about 1,000 percent from his latest suggestion.

In the past, Paul Mampilly only gave these types of bold and highly profitable predictions to his billionaire and millionaire clients. Today, all Americans can enjoy such insights. Paul Mampilly wants Americans to be able to retire comfortably and early. He retired at the age of 42 to spend more time with his family. Since most Americans are not prepared financially for the many expenses of retirement, smart investing is a good way to build a larger nest egg. Banyan Hill encourages people who are interested in Paul Mampilly’s advice to subscribe to his Profits Unlimited newsletter. Banyan Hill also publishes investment advice from other experts in various fields, and all advice contributors have proven records of success.

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