Are NewsWatch TV Reviews Effective? A Review and Rating of NewsWatch TV

Editor Rating of NewsWatch TV:


  • PROS

Inexpensive marketing option for all size businesses to reach a national audience through TV and online, and create a professional video on their business. Several customizable package options depending on budget and desired exposure. Strong return for marketing dollars.

  • CONS

In order to do an interview you need to be located in the U.S., otherwise travel costs may apply. However most packages don’t require an interview.


Overall NewsWatch TV is a great value for your marketing dollars compared to other options out there. The ability to reach over 95 million households with millions more online, all combined with a top notch professional video you get to own (with no strings attached like other companies out there), and results that speak for themselves, makes NewsWatch a 4.5/5.

About NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch has been around since 1989 and is a well known player in the marketing field. They produce a national television show, and couple that with an extensive online and social media campaign and a full service video production department. They are known among marketing professionals as a great avenue to reach a national audience at an affordable cost. With so many different options out there, NewsWatch is known to help deliver results but not break the bank, something we are always on the lookout for.

Client Success, Results & ROI Working with NewsWatch TV

As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and success on your marketing dollars trumps all. This is where we really valued NewsWatch highly, they not only talk the talk but they walk the walk. Their client list is impressive, including major players like Sony, Casio, Panasonic, Audi, Intel, Siemens, and many others. But not all of them are fortune 500 companies, and believe it or not the smaller players are actually the vast majority of clients NewsWatch works with (however it certainly doesn’t hurt to be on a show with the big names mentioned earlier). One smaller company, Floatti, used NewsWatch to boost their Kickstarter campaign they were running on a new line of smart luggage. NewsWatch helped them raise over $714,000, drastically exceeding their goal. Another small company, LocoLingo, worked with NewsWatch to get visible traction and raise investor money. They ended up getting 3 Angel Investors in the first week of their airing. The list goes on, and based on past clients the success and return clients see is one of the reasons that spending your marketing dollars with NewsWatch is a smart move.

The NewsWatch TV Reviews Experience

Like most people out there, television can be daunting and a totally new experience. NewsWatch helps solve this problem with their onboarding team that holds your hand throughout the whole process. Their professional team not only walks you through the experience, but explains each step along the way. Their team of professional script writers will write the review, then their production department films and puts all the right touches to make the video perfect, and finally their distribution team makes it shine through TV and online campaigns. You can be as hands on or as hands off as you want, and for many people who don’t know TV, they prefer the latter! All in all, when jumping into a new marketing medium, the experience matters, and that is an area that NewsWatch TV makes easy and stress free.

Pricing and Cost

Marketing dollars matter, and the price of NewsWatch TV is something that won’t break the bank for most companies. While typical TV opportunities can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, NewsWatch TV reviews are privately produced and as such they are able to keep the cost within a very manageable range for small businesses. There are lots of different package options and NewsWatch gives their clients all different levels for different budgets, without sacrificing on quality or exposure. One of the best aspects is that NewsWatch can be a one stop shop, where you can market multiple facets of your company with almost totally different package options.

Overall Review of NewsWatch TV

Overall we were extremely pleased with NewsWatch TV and everything they have to offer. Being a national television show that airs on multiple networks throughout the United States to over 95 million households, combining that with a thorough social media presence and online campaign, and then including the ownership of the professional 1080p video review, makes NewsWatch TV a great option for your marketing dollars. All in all, we gave NewsWatch an “Excellent” rating, as NewsWatch TV Reviews provide tremendous value and success for an extremely large range of clients.

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