North Korea May Abandon Its Nuclear Weapons Program According To South Korea

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un is the Asian version of Donald Trump, according to late night TV talk show hosts. Kim Jong-un is the United States worst nightmare. Trump wants to bring North Korea to its knees while he is in office. The recent sanctions against North Korea are having an impact on the country. Some officials say it’s only a matter of time before the Korean leader breaks and cries, uncle. That time may be now, according to a New York Times article. The article claims Kim Jong-un told a South Korean envoy he is ready to talk to the United States. South Korea says Kim wants to stop all missile testing, and that includes testing his nuclear weapons.

The Envoy from South Korea was in North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang, for two days. According to the Times, the meeting was the precursor to a meeting between Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in. But the big news is North Korea’s willingness to change their position on nuclear weapons. The North says as long as there is no military threat to the nation and their security is safe from military action by the United States, they will stop the program. But North Korea did not confirm they would stop the program yet. All the information in the Times article is coming from the South, not the North.

The summit between the two countries could be the break the world is waiting for. According to the Times article, the two countries are in the process of installing a hotline, so the presidents can talk to each other before the meeting. Even though this sounds like good news, the United States is not celebrating yet. North Korea has a habit of saying things that don’t materialize, and this might be another ploy by North Korea to ease the sanctions.

South Korea is sending country’s national security advisor and the director of the intelligence service to Washington in order to bring Trump administration up to speed on the North Korea’s proposal. The United States will not start any talks with the North until Kim Jong-un agrees to scrap their nuclear program. That may be hard to do for Kim Jong-un. But if the South Koreans can convince the North that the United States will end the sanctions, the tension could end. Plus, an official meeting between North and South Korea could be the start of a reunification process, but that reunion could take years.

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