Admiral Ronny L. Jackson Won’t Be The White House Physician Going Forward

The old say, “be careful what you wish for” may be ringing in the ears of Rear Admiral Ronny L. Jackson right now. Jackson was Trump nominee to take over as the Secretary of the Veterans Administration. But that was another knee-jerk move from the Commander-in Tweet, and it hurt his nominee more than anyone expected. As soon as Trump told lawmakers Jackson was the man to bring the Veterans Administration back from the brink of complete chaos, many of those lawmakers, on both sides of the aisle, said Jackson didn’t have enough experience to handle the job. The Veterans Administration is the second largest department in the government, and Jackson has no real management experience. Admiral Jackson is the White House physician. He listened to the heartbeats of three U.S. presidents, and now that part of his life is over.

But not having enough management experience was the just the start of the allegations that flew around Washington like an Elon Musk space capsule off course. Jackson was hit over the head with allegations of drunken out-of-town behavior as well as giving pills without a prescription and bullying while on the job. He also had to listen to the rumors he wrecked a car while he was drinking, and other sorted tales of non-admiral type behavior. Trump didn’t waste any time defending his doctor, but the damage was too great to save Jackson. Admiral Jackson withdrew his name, and he is also giving up his role as the White House physician. Jackson will still be part of the White House medical unit, and he will still be Trump’s personal doctor. Admiral Jackson is the doctor who gave Trump a clean bill of health even though Trump’s super-size Big Mac addiction is testing the credibility of that clean bill of health.

Admiral Jackson denies all the allegations even though Democratic Senator John Tester of Montana is standing by his claims about Jackson, according to a Washington Post article. Tester staff released documents that support his claims about Jackson’s behavior and there is also a Secret Service document that supports one claim. Trump said he knows things about Tester, and he wants Tester to resign. But Senator Tester isn’t backing down. Tester is facing a tight race in Montana, and this situation may help keep his job if the people of Montana decide Trump is not the man they thought he was back in November 2016.

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