Lake Zurich’s Aloha Construction Recommends: 4 Storms to Prepare for this Season

As the spring season comes to a start, Aloha Construction is ready to kick into high gear. The roofing and siding contractor is a staple in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, and is ready to help more homeowners than ever before this year.

In a recent press release, CEO Dave Farbaky said “Last year’s storms hit Illinois in an unexpected way with record setting damage totals and Governor Rauner even declaring certain areas as disaster zones. This year is all about handling the volume. We will have more expert roofers and more knowledgeable siding contractors than we’ve ever had.”

The company has completed over 20,000 roofing jobs in the state of Illinois in their past ten years of business, and they are ready to tackle hail, high wind, rain, and tornado damage this year. For Dave and his team, that means working with homeowners to teach them preventative techniques to employ before storms, offering free property inspections after storms, and of course, repairing any and all damages with high-quality work and exemplary customer service.

This year, protect your house and prepare for the spring storms with this advice from the experts at Aloha Construction!

Hail Storms

aloha construction lake Zurich Hail storms occur most often in the spring and summer months. Before a hail storm hits, homeowners should install storm shutters to protect glass windows, and always keep up with trimming branches and trees so there aren’t any hanging limbs over the home that can fall and cause damage. You can also consider reinforcing the garage door along with the front and back doors of the house and moving all cars under shelter to avoid dents and scrapes from the hail.

After a hail storm, take the time to carefully inspect your roof for damage. Look for any missing or damaged shingles and fallen debris. Finally, check the attic and ceilings for any leaks by looking for the soft spots, dark patches, and stains that give them away.

If you see any of this, call Aloha Construction because they are leading experts in roofing repairs and will come out for a free property inspection. The team will take your house through their thorough nine-step inspection process, fix damages, and walk you through the insurance process to help you make your claim.

High Winds

aloha construction Illinois Storms with high winds are common in the midwest. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take before one hits to help protect your house from damages.

When high winds are predicted, take the time to move or secure any outdoor patio furniture that can blow into your house like chairs, tables, or benches. You can also consider getting extra bolts to reinforce your doors before a storm, and make sure there are no loose tree limbs or debris in your yard. Throughout the year, recaulking windows that are loose and replacing any with cracks or damage can also help minimize damage when high winds hit.

After the storm, proceed with caution. Inspect your trees to make sure there aren’t any branches that will still fall, and then call Aloha Construction for a free property inspection. The company will look for loose and damaged shingles and check the attic ventilation and flashing. If the storms knocked off gutters or damaged your siding as well, worry. The team of experts from Aloha Construction is trained to get your home back in perfect condition!


aloha construction gutter Rainstorms can strike any time of the year, but they are also most common in the spring and fall months. One of the best precautions you can take before a rainstorm is to check your gutters. Make sure none of them are sagging or leaking because those are signs of a clog that will prevent them from doing their job.

Additionally, make sure that the bottoms of each drain pipe are sending the water away from your home. If you see standing puddles or grooves in the dirt, those are caused when the water isn’t being properly funneled from the house. When that’s the case, the misrouted water can damage your foundation or even flood your basement.

Even for indoor problems, Aloha Construction can help. In 2017, the business re-launched their partner company, Aloha Restoration Co., which specializes in water and mold damages. They even guarantee that they can get your home “bone-dry in 48 hours!” Before any issues arise, rest easy going into the rainy season by calling today for a free in-home inspection from the experts.


aloha construction restoration Last, on the list of spring storms in the Midwest is the mighty tornado. Tornados feature wind speeds of up to 100 mph or more, and are often accompanied by other damaging weather patterns like hail and rain.

Tornadoes can be difficult to prepare for because they usually come with little warning. The most important thing to protect during a tornado is your family, so make sure you all know the safest place in your home to take shelter in during the storm.

Even if the tornado does not touch down in your neighborhood, the powerful storms can create plenty of collateral damage. Whether its a fallen tree on your roof, hail damage, missing shingles, or all of the above, Aloha Construction is the one stop shop to call for your repairs.

The company was awarded the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics in 2017, because all of their work is done with honesty, responsibility, and integrity, so you can rest assured knowing that your house is in good hands.

Aloha Construction is Here to Help Before and After Every Spring Stormaloha construction inc

The company has become one of the most trusted roofing and siding contractors in the state because they love to support the community they live in. Aloha Construction is happy to share tips to help you prepare for the upcoming season, and even come out for a free property inspection to ensure your home is in tip-top condition. After storms, call the company for your repairs, and they’ll even help you manage the insurance process with ease!


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