Attorney General Jeff Sessions Names A Federal Prosecutor To Look Into Clinton’s Email Debacle

Attorney General Jeff Sessions didn’t really know what to expect when Trump gave him the Attorney General’s job. But Sessions knew he wanted power to enforce his kind of law. And he is doing that. As far as Sessions is concerned, the United States is at the mercy of drug dealers, and illegal immigrants are turning American streets into criminal street parties. But Sessions isn’t the kind of guy that Trump likes. Trump likes the bold and brash strength of military leaders, and Sessions strength is that kind of behind-the-back stabbing strength that the weak use when they know they are in over their head. And Sessions is clearly in over his head, according to Democrats and some Republicans. But his ineptness is not stopping him from turning the U.S. justice into Sessions justice, and that is concerning to voters.

Sessions is trying to win Trump favor once again by appointing a Chicago federal prosecutor to look into the documents concerning the FBI’s investigation into the Hillary Clinton’s email debacle. Trump is like a dog with a bone when it comes to bashing Clinton. He won’t let Clinton fade into the political sunset like most of her party wants her to do. So Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray asked Chicago U.S. attorney John Lausch to look over the enormous pile of documents concerning the Clinton email fiasco.

The pressure that Trump is putting on the Department of Justice is unprecedented. Political analysts say Trump’s disdain for the DOJ is the result of Sessions recusing himself from the Russian investigations. Other political experts say Trump’s first impression of Sessions didn’t last after Sessions had a dismal performance in front of Congress last year. Even though Mr. Sessions is a cunning and strategic politician, he lacks the East Coast political bite that Trump admires.

The Democrats know Trump wants to take the angry spotlight away from him during the midterm elections, but that’s impossible, thanks to angry American voters. Even though Trump wants to throw Sessions under the judicial bus, he needs Sessions to do his dirty work in order to keep his base happy. And Trump wants to keep Clinton from surfacing as a driving force in the Democratic Party again. What Sessions will discover from the Lausch investigation isn’t going to help Republicans keep control of Congress. But it will be another senseless act Sessions can say he accomplished when he writes his book.

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