Attorney Jeff Sessions Continues His Quest To Turn Justice Into Injustice

Senator Jeff Sessions knew what he was doing when he befriended candidate Donald Trump. Mr. Sessions has that Southern way of schmoozing, and he’s good at it. But Sessions isn’t the good-hearted public servant he wants people to think he is. Behind those drooping specs, there is a calculated man on a mission. Make no mistake. Sessions isn’t for all the people all the time. He is a selective bigot who knows when to throw a discriminatory legal punch at certain people and certain policies. Mr. Sessions is, according to his record as a judge and a senator, an LGBT hater, and a marijuana fear monger.

Sessions tenure as Attorney General started with him recusing himself from the Russian investigation. He knew he was too deep in Trumpism to come out on top of that situation. Instead of reinforcing immigration standards, Session chose to put a quota system on federal immigration judges which measure their performance by the number of cases they decide each year. According to the adjunct professor of immigration, and asylum at Pepperdine University, Bruce J. Einhorn, evaluating judges based on how quickly hearings and cases close is injustice at its finest. According to the quota, judges will have to complete 700 cases a year to get a satisfactory grade from Sessions. That means if judges want to get a raise or be a top performer in immigration cases they will have to hear more than 700 cases in order to get the Sessions blessing.

Putting quotas on judges is just one many legal tricks in Sessions down-home legal toolbox. He wants to make capital punishment the flavor of the day in states like Texas and Arizona. He wants to prosecute capital crimes easier and faster, and that opens the door for a lot of mistakes, according to a Rolling Stone article. Sessions come from a state with an abundant history of wrongful capital convictions. So he is quietly pushing Texas and Arizona to opt-in to a Clinton-era law that expedites capital appeals. Sessions wants to execute drug dealers, and he is pulling cards from several places in the legal deck to make that a reality.

In both situations, Sessions is trying to bribe judges, so he gets his way. But the Sessions way is not the way of most Americans. It seems the more Jeff Sessions says, the more he is ensuring he’ll get a one-way ticket back to Alabama sooner than he realizes.

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