FBI Raids Trump’s Personal Lawyer’s Office And Home

Being one of Trump’s advisors can be hazardous to your reputation and future income. Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime personal lawyer is feeling the pain of being close to the president. The FBI under the instructions of New York federal prosecutors raided Cohen’s Rockefeller Center office, his home and a hotel room and the feds confiscated his personal and business financial records as well as his computer, phone records and any other records that pertain to his legal business. Cohen is on the hot seat for paying porn star Stormy Daniels $130,000 from his account to keep an affair with Donald Trump quiet. When Cohen gave Daniels the money she signed an agreement not to talk about the affair. But when an unknown man allegedly threatened her in a parking lot, she found attorney Michael Avenatti and it was game on against Trump and his legal watchdog, Cohen.

Stormy Daniels isn’t afraid to face Trump now that bulldog Avenatti is her mouthpiece. Avenatti is relentless in his effort to hold Trump accountable for intimidating, threatening and putting Daniels in the category of another woman who wants to shakedown the president. But Avenatti isn’t stopping his push to get depositions from Cohen and Trump. He filed a 64-page motion to stop Trump’s motion to go to private arbitration. Avenatti wants Trump to testify under oath. The raid on Cohen’s office is part of the Stormy Daniels case, according to an article in The Patch. Special Counsel Robert Mueller asked New York federal prosecutors to carry out the raid on Cohen in order to shed some light on Trump’s business and personal transactions, according to the Washington Post.

President Trump calls the FBI raid on his lawyer’s office “a witch hunt and a disgrace,” but his opinion of the search won’t stop the FBI from doing their job. Trump and the FBI have a tenuous relationship, and that relationship is going to get worse as Mueller, New York prosecutors and Avenatti’s relentless effort to make Trump accountable for his actions. Avenatti wants a deposition from Trump and Cohen and if that happens Mueller’s investigation may get more intense if it hasn’t already. No one is sure what Trump’s next move will be now that his personal attorney is under FBI investigation, but it is safe to say he’s not happy, and he will tweet about being unjustly attacked by the FBI.

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