Former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani Is Joining Trump’s Legal Team

Being one of Donald Trump’s lawyers is a challenge. Trump has a history of filing lawsuits. And some of those lawsuits are over trivial issues that make no sense to the people named in those lawsuits. But other Trump lawsuits have merit, according to Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump also has a history of making lawyers do things that are shady. Trump comes from the real estate development industry, and that industry knows how to pull off some shady business deals.

But Trump is putting his trivial lawsuits on the back burner of his tweeting war, and he is focusing his legal attention on the Mueller investigation. His former lawyer, John Dowd, had enough of Trump’s ridiculous outbursts and incessant fixation on the Mueller investigation so he quit the Trump legal team. Trump didn’t follow Dowd’s advice, according to the New York Times and the Washington Post, so Mr. Dowd decided Trump was a liability.

President Trump still has a lot of friends in the legal business, and he is calling on one of those friends to pick up the complicated legal ball that Dowd threw in Trump’s lap. Former New York prosecutor and the former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, will be Trump’s legal brain going forward. Two other former federal prosecutors are also joining Giuliani’s team.

Rudy Giuliani has a combative reputation. According to some Trump supporters, Giuliani may be the attorney Trump needs to help the president put an end to the Mueller investigation. Mr. Trump is not happy about that investigation. The closer Mueller gets to Trump’s business and political secrets; the more Trump tries to take the attention off of him and put it on his enemies. Trump is currently throwing Former FBI Director James Comey, Hillary Clinton, and former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe under his tweet-filled bus.

According to the Washington Post, Giuliani is going to take a lot of heat for this new legal role. Giuliani didn’t make any new friends during the 2016 campaign when he said he had information about Clinton emails on national TV. But Rudy and Trump are brothers from a different New York mother because they both use that New York “in your face” type of intimidation ploy. Some Trump followers think Mr. Giuliani can be the guy who pulls Trump’s McDonald eating butt out of this slow-burning political inferno. But the Mueller investigation is just one issue Trump is facing in 2018. The Michael Cohen investigation, the allegations about his philandering tendencies, and his blatant disregard for the well-being of the rest of the world could be his demise, according to some Democrats.

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