7 Favorite Lime Crime Beauty Products You Need, Under $50 Each

Lime Crime Products

When it comes to makeup, there are countless options. From different makeup brands to different colors, shades, and varieties, how do you find the right makeup for your skin, taste, and budget?


If you’re looking for makeup products that are on-trend, look great on, and have plenty of color options, check out Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a makeup and beauty company that offers products for all makeup fanatics. Whether you want subtle makeup products or you want to go bold, pretty much everyone can find long-lasting and well-made products online with Lime Crime. Plus, you can find different products for your face, lips, eyes, and even hair.

Another fun fact about Lime Crime makeup is that it’s cruelty-free and vegan. This means that all of Lime Crime’s makeup hasn’t been tested on animals, and you won’t find any ingredients that come from animals either. And even though Lime Crime products are high quality, each makeup product is affordable. In fact, most products are under $50 each, and you might even find a bundle of your favorite products for less than $50, too.


Here are 7 beauty products we love under $50 each:


An everyday eyeshadow palette


You’re getting ready in the morning, and you’re running late. You still have to take the dog out, fix a lunch to go, and pick out an outfit. The last thing you have time for is looking for the right shade of eyeshadow to match your look. That’s why an everyday eyeshadow palette will be your best friend, whether you’re running late or you just don’t want to deal with big makeup choices every morning.


How you do find the right eyeshadow palette for you? It’s simple: Buy an eyeshadow palette that has a variety of colors that can easily go with practically anything you’re wearing each day. This palette should include a light color, a dark color, and a sparkly shade. Colors like grey, pink, and lavender can give your eyes a pop of color while still blending into your look. Lime Crime’s Venus 3 eyeshadow palette has eight colors, including a cocoa brown, purple, rose pink, and sparkly gold, and it’s less than $40. You can mix and match the colors or go subtle with the lighter shades.


Lip gloss for moist lips


If there’s one makeup product you should carry with you everywhere you go, it’s lip gloss that will keep your lips moist and give you a pop of shine no matter how much or how little makeup you’re wearing every day. Lip gloss can take your look from “just got out of bed” to “casual-chic while running errands.” Lip gloss can also tone down your makeup look if, for instance, you’re wearing a lot of eye liner or shadow, and you don’t want to add a bold lipstick.


Choosing an everyday lip gloss is easy. Go for light and subtle shades, such as dusty rose, light beige, or even clear. The Lime Crime Wet Cherry Gloss in Extra Poppin’ adds a juicy, light pink sheer color to your lips, while also ensuring they are glossed to perfection. Plus, it’s less than $20 per shade. So that means you can buy more than one, right?


A hair tint for special occasions


Do you ever finish styling your hair and feel like something’s missing? For an extra special occasion, such as your birthday, a summer date night, a fashionable festival, or a late-night concert, add a little color to your look in the form of hair tinting. This is a non-permanent way to add some color to your locks, while also making it look sleek and shiny. And trust us, you’ll definitely stand out in whatever crowd you’re in.


Hair tint comes in many different colors, and Lime Crime has plenty of options to choose from, whether you want something dramatic or a color that still looks classy. Depending on your current hair color, add a bang or a touch of lavender and purple with this baby violet hair tint for only $12. If you’re feeling extra, go for the Sushi hair color, which is a light peach.


Some dark eyeshadow for smokey eyes


Smokey eyeshadow is a trend that’s been around for years. A smokey eye is great for accentuating your eyes and making them pop, especially if you have green or blue eyes; it’s pure magic. And achieving a smokey eye is easy with the right eyeshadow.

For $38, the Venus 2 eyeshadow palette is great when you want to achieve a smokey eye look while also keeping your makeup options open. This palette comes with eight colors total, giving you the control of what colors to use and how dark you want them. Colors in this palette include: midnight blue, army green, mustard yellow, sky blue, mud red, clay brown, sparkly beige, and a grey/teal fusion. Start by applying a lighter color on your lid, and follow that up by applying the darker shade on the edge of your lid.


A dark go-to lipstick for a bland outfit


Chances are that you don’t want to wear bright colors or patterns every day. But sometimes when you throw on a simple dress or a basic jeans and t-shirt combo, it seems like there’s something missing. One way to combat a bland look is to add a dark shade of lipstick to complete it. And the great thing about this makeup addition is that it can go with practically any look, whether you’re going casual or dressed up.


What’s the best dark lipstick, you ask? If you’re wearing basic colors and hues, such as white, black, and grey, there are endless choices. We suggest going dark with red, purple, or even brown. The Matte Velvetines in blood red is a favorite, because you can wear it during any season. A bright white top and denim skirt would be perfect for this lip shade. Another popular dark lip color for spring and summer is purple, like this dark plum lipstick. The darkest of the dark is of course black, and this black lipstick is long-wear and silky smooth. Each color is less than $20 each, so we suggest choosing a few of your favorites and switching them up.


Lime Crime glitter gloss that makes a statement


Glitter: Most of us have a love/hate relationship with it. We love it on dresses and shoes, but we hate when it spreads all over our bodies and we can’t get it off. That’s why you should buy glitter lip gloss, because the glitter will stay on your lips and keep away from everywhere else. Plus, you can wear glitter lip gloss with just about anything, because there are options to go dark, light, neon, or bold.

unicorn makeup

For an everyday glitter gloss, this rainbow nude color goes with just about anything you’re wearing. Plus, it’s only $5. For some statement glitter, go with this maroon and blue iridescent shade. And if you want to go bold with purple, the Unicorn Queen purple lip gloss is your best bet.


Sparkly eyeshadow for a fun night out


Whether you’re going out for a bachelorette party, your birthday, or just a fun summer night, you can’t go wrong with sparkle on your eyes. And adding sparkle to your beauty look can take you from looking basic to finished and fashionable in a heartbeat. Just because you’re adding sparkle, that doesn’t mean you’ll look like a mermaid, because you can tastefully wear sparkles.


Since you probably won’t choose your outfit based on your eyeshadow color, start by choosing your look for the night. Then, wear an accentuating sparkle color to top it all off. Lime Crime has an entire collection of eyeshadows that are made to make your eyes glitter and shine. The Diamond Dew collection features 10 colors, ranging from green and blue to pink and red. We love the Starlight shade, which is equal parts silver and gold eyeshadow. And, it’s only $18. We call this a win-win.

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