After The Canadian Premiere’s Visit to the US, NAFTA’s Shadow Looms

The Prime Minister of Canada will do his best to inspire a group of students when he addresses them on Wednesday at the Yankee Stadium in New York. However, the future of NAFTA hangs over the prime minister’s head as he prepares for his 16th official visit to the United States. The unofficial deadline on NAFTA is looming dangerously close. The deadline on the trade deal was issued last year by President Donald Trump. Prime Minister Trudeau will be visiting the United States for three days. The US Congress has told NAFTA negotiators from both the Canadian and Mexican governments that they should submit a signed agreement by the 17th of this month.

If the negotiators fail to meet the demands by Capitol Hill, Congress will be unable to pass the NAFTA deal during the current sitting. After the deadline has passed, the US mid-term elections and the elections in Mexico will bring a new political uncertainty to the NAFTA negotiation process. If at all there is going to be the renegotiation and passing of a new NAFTA deal this year, it should be happening now, or it won’t happen at all. The Canadian prime minister will continue to stress the importance of the relationship between Ottawa and Washington.

Trudeau will also continue to stress the importance of free trade and its benefits in North America. He is expected to meet regional politicians and business leaders to ask for their assistance in pushing for a new NAFTA deal. Trudeau is trying to get rid of the criticism that is expected in his country if he fails to secure a renegotiated NAFTA deal by actively pursuing it before the stipulated deadline. However, critics argue that the Prime Minister cannot offer any concrete formula to the realization of the deal.

On Tuesday, the prime minister said that he remains optimistic about the NAFTA deal. He said that there is the possibility of an expected outcome that will be good for both Canada and the United States. He added that the Mexican government would also be a beneficiary of a renegotiated NAFTA deal. Justin Trudeau said in Calgary that the three countries were extremely close to striking a deal. Trudeau’s first item on his official trip’s itinerary is likely to be his most high profile moment of the entire visit. The prime minister will give a speech to thousands of students at the Yankee Stadium in New York.

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