American Diplomat Leave Islamabad after Fatal Accident

A US diplomat was allowed by Pakistani authorities to vacate the country on Monday. The diplomat was involved in a fatal accident in the country. The Pakistani authorities gave the go-ahead on Monday. This was after officials working for the Pakistani government in Islamabad had prevented the diplomat from boarding a plane owned by the United States military last week. This news was according to a report issued by US officials. In an email written by the spokesperson for the US State Department, Noel Johnson. Mr Johnson said that the American government could confirm that the diplomat had left Pakistan to seek further medical attention in the United States. The diplomat got involved in a severe road accident on April 7, 2018.

The Pakistani government has not made any formal comments regarding the departure of the US diplomat. The diplomat found himself as a center of attention in the diplomatic row between Islamabad and Washington. Local media in Pakistan reported the departure of the US diplomat in both the printed and electronic press. However, all the media houses that reported the incident said that the sources of the news sought to remain anonymous. The US diplomat, Colonel Joseph Emmanuel Hall is accused of fatally hitting a 22- year-old man after running a red light. Col. Hall was a military attaché at the US embassy in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad.

The accident also injured another passenger who was travelling with the deceased on a motorcycle. The Pakistani law enforcement community could not apprehend Col. Hall because he possessed diplomatic immunity. However, as public rage continued to grow in the Pakistan, the US military attaché was barred from leaving the country. Officials from the Pakistani government said that Col. Hall was facing criminal charges involving the murder of a passenger. Last week, a C-130 military cargo aircraft that had been sent to fly Col. Hall from Pakistan was forced to return to law enforcement agencies in Islamabad refused to let him leave.

The Pakistani government made demands to the US government to waiver Col. Hall’s diplomatic immunity so he could face criminal charges in Pakistan. However, the US government refused to honour the demands. Alice Wells was sent by the US State Department to Islamabad last month to discuss the issue. A High Court in Islamabad made a ruling last week that Col. Hall did not have full diplomatic immunity. The court had given the Pakistani government two weeks to decide to place Hall on the Exit Control List.

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