American President Welcomes Three US Citizens Released by Pyongyang

Three US citizens that were released by North Korea landed on American soil on Thursday morning. President Donald Trump was waiting to greet their plane on the airport tarmac. The three former prisoners were transported by an aircraft owned by the US government from Pyongyang. After their plane landed, they flashed peace signs as they alighted. A big American flag hung between two trucks to serve as an illumination against the night sky. President Trump said that he sent a message of thanksgiving to the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

Trump added that Kim was willing to do what it takes to bring his nation and countrymen back to the community of nations. The US president added that no one had even though that such an event would happen in the 21st century. However, the president said that that the real honour of the US government was going to be their victory in getting North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program. The president later posted photos and clips of him congratulating the former prisoners on Air Force One. The triumphant return of the three men was entirely different for Otto Warbier’s return last year in June. The 22-year-old student had been sentenced to hard labour in North Korea which resulted in multiple brain traumas. Warmbier had gone to Pyongyang for a short vacation when North Korean authorities caught him with a propaganda poster.

The US student passed on just a few days after landing in the US. Warmbier’s parents are now pressing charges against the repressive regime in North Korea. The release of the three men was negotiated by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Pompeo had flown to the country for a one-day visit. One of the freedmen, Kim Dong-Chul, said that they were very excited by their release and that it was like a dream come true. Chul said that they had been sentenced to hard labour in North Korea and were mistreated on several occasions. The release of the three prisoners was finalized just an hour before the departure of Mike Pompeo from the country.

A photo of Pompeo shaking hands with Kim Jong Un was published on the front page of the official ruling worker’s Party Newspaper. The three Americans were released after a warning was issued to them by an official from Kim’s government and the procession of a brief legal ceremony. The official said that the three men should be careful not to repeat the same mistakes.

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