Another School Shooting In The Books

Yet another school shooting made the news in recent days. This time, a middle school in Noblesville, IN was the scene of a shooting involving a student who was later identified as the one responsible. He was taken into custody shortly after the incident started thanks to a teacher who came to the rescue. Unfortunately, a female student was injured as well as a teacher. The suspect entered Noblesville West Middle School early in the morning on Friday like other students who were going to classes. Police officers responded to calls about the shooting shortly after 9 a.m.

Jason Seaman, one of the teachers in the school, and a student in his room were shot by the suspect. There have been no reports of other injuries. However, the female is in critical condition. Doctors do believe that she will recover. Officers had the suspect in custody only a few hours after they arrived at the school. The name of the suspect has not been released because of his age. Mr. Seaman was taken to a local hospital along with the student. The teacher had surgery soon after being taken, but doctors have reported that he is in stable condition. Another student was treated later in the day for an ankle fracture.

Officers are in the early stages of putting the incident together, but initial reports reveal that the suspect asked to leave his classroom early in the morning. When the suspect returned, he had two small guns with him and started shooting. The suspect fired at least six times, but there was no specific target. Students saw that the suspect had an odd expression on his face before he started shooting. The middle school was already in a lockdown situation because of a threat that had been received earlier in the day.

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