Avengers: Infinity War Raises Questions As 2nd Weekend of Box Office Dominance Arrives

The superheroic troops from Avengers: Infinity War continues their attack the box office. The second weekend of the Marvel Studio film’s release may match that of Black Panther. Overall, the film careens towards $450 million at the domestic United State’s box office while tipping $1 billion worldwide. After the back-to-back success of Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, the hundreds of millions of dollars earned by Thor: Ragnarok seem like a pittance in comparison. Of course, Thor: Ragnarok was also a major profitable hit. Marvel Studios can’t seem to stop making money with their recent projects.

Two interesting questions emerge from the box office take of Avengers: Infinity War. The first question is “Did Black Panther’s appearance in the film drive the box office up?” Now, Avenger’s Infinity War always would earn in the $1 billion range. No serious person entertained the idea that — barring a terrible finished film — Avengers: Infinity War could fail at the box office.

Black Panther did lead into Avengers: Infinity War. Black Panther proved to be a major crowd-pleaser thanks to the outstanding script, direction, and acting. Fans walked away from wanting more from Marvel Studios after seeing Black Panther. And, to a degree, Thor: Ragnarok did this as well. Perhaps Avengers: Infinity War gained an added box office boost thanks to Black Panther’s help. After all, the title character returns for the ensemble film. That wouldn’t hurt.

The second question centers on “How well will tier-two hero films perform after Avengers: Infinity War?” Marvel Studios clearly wants to elevate lesser-known heroes to top-tier status. Ant-Man did well as the film rode the wave of the superhero movie craze to significant ticket sales, but nothing earth-shattering. Will the box office returns from Ant-Man and the Wasp improve on the original’s? All that may depend on how hot superhero movies remains along with the quality of the film.

Overall, the strong box office for Marvel Studio films isn’t slowing down. The fourth phase of the films looks to be poised for huge ticket sales as well.

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