Controversy Over Alleged DOJ Informant Continues to Swirl

A Friday tweet by US President Donald Trump continued to stoke the embers of a growing political scandal.

In recent weeks, a theory spreading through the White House and Washington political circles alleged that there was a Department of Justice (DOJ) informant placed in the 2016 Trump Presidential campaign in an effort to feed information to federal investigators. Government officials have said that the informant has been a valid source for the CIA and FBI for years, however, this person was not placed inside the campaign as a spy.

The controversy about the informant started last week when House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes made news when he subpoenaed the DOJ demanding official information about the source. The DOJ and FBI refused to comply and told Nunes that the individual’s life would be put at risk if they gave up information related to the protected informant.
On Wednesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray testified in front of the Senate Appropriations Committee, telling the Senators that the FBI must be committed to protecting the identities of their sources.

To help assuage the White House, the DOJ offered to speak with both Nunes and South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy in an attempt to provide the President’s allies with information to quell their concerns. However, despite the invitation of the joint meeting with the Republican senators, the DOJ, and FBI, Nunes and Gowdy did not take them up the offer to meet. Many took this dismissal as a sign that the lawmakers were letting go of the issue, despite the fact that they continue to call out Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. However, Trump’s Friday tweet reignited the flames. In his tweet, Trump called out the DOJ for using the spy to try to frame him for crimes he did not commit, going on to call the act “really bad stuff”.

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