Questions About The Custom Companies Inc and CEO Perry Mandera

Whether you’re a consumer, supplier, or operate elsewhere in the modern economy, the need for reliable and efficient shipping is universal. In a world that has become increasingly connected through technology and modern transportation options, our range of choices for getting shipments from one location to another have become increasingly more extensive. As a result, more people than ever are asking questions about the companies that provide this valuable service. In order to help broaden the understanding of this far-reaching industry, we’ve collected some of the most commonly asked questions about one of the leaders in the field, The Custom Companies. Along with information about its CEO, Perry Mandera, the below info should help provide some insight into shipping at large.


What are the company’s origins?


To best understand a company, it helps to first understand how it began. The story of The Custom Companies is inextricably tied to its founder, Perry Mandera. A volunteer member in the U.S. Marine Corps, Mandera was assigned to the transportation department where he assisted with troop and supply movements. He characterized the experience as exceptionally moving, stating that he was touched by the camaraderie and emotions on display among his fellow troops. The experience would also prove pivotal in driving the focus of his later career.


Upon his return to civilian life, he turned first to public office and then to entrepreneurial endeavors, forming The Custom Companies in 1986. His vision at that time was simple, but clearly encapsulates the goal of the company to this day — “To provide a broad base of Transportation Solutions under one roof to our customers.” Though the beginnings were humble, a mere two-truck operation at the start, they expanded rapidly. Today the company operates over two thousand pieces of equipment nationwide.


Why choose The Custom Companies?


The company’s overarching commitment in all of its transactions is to anticipating and meeting customer requirements. By keeping this focus, they are able to provide superior service compared to companies who respond to customer needs on a reactionary basis. The company also focuses on making continual improvements to its core operations with respect to safety, reliability, and speed. This initiative ensures they are not only leaders in the field today but will also continue to exceed expectations in future endeavors.


How does the company integrate technology into its work?


Keeping abreast of the latest technological advances is one of the primary focuses of the company’s drive towards excellence. When discussing the company recently, Perry Mandera touched on the priority he and the rest of his team place in this area. “Everything we use we customize to our customers,” said Mandera. “They tell us what they want and need and then we work with in-house programmers to give customers exactly what they’re looking for. We won’t lose business because we can’t provide a technology that the customer wants or needs.”


This focus on technology manifests at every point in the shipping process. The website where orders are placed was designed according to customer need and feedback. It is powered by cutting-edge dispatch software that optimizes for pickup and delivery. Drivers carry tablets that they use to reduce reliance on paper and to connect them to the company’s central management systems. These systems not only allows routes to be planned quickly and efficiently but also to allow easy access to warehouse inventories and shipping updates.


In what local service area does the company operate?


The Custom Companies locally services a 100-mile radius in both the Chicago and Los Angeles metropolitan areas. In Chicago, this network connects locations such as Milwaukee to areas as far as Joliet. In Los Angeles, shipping routes stretch from Fontana past the Simi Valley. In these areas alone, the company operates over 150 vehicles to service customers. Of course, the company can handle shipping routes beyond its areas of local service and can accept or deliver packages throughout the US including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.


How involved is the company in philanthropy?


Giving back to its community is a key tenet of the philosophy of The Custom Companies. This focus has been emphasized at all levels throughout the company and is perhaps nowhere better shown than through the work of company head Perry Mandera. Known for his charitable outreach, he is involved in a number of programs that focus on providing financial and logistical support to youth throughout the greater Chicago area. These efforts work to support academic excellence by way of tuition assistance, as well as athletic participation by way of direct involvement in recreational sports throughout the area.


Perry also works to make the resources of his company available in times of need through its charitable arm, Custom Cares. In conjunction with the organization, he helps organize an annual program of assistance around the winter holidays. During these drives, employees are asked to submit the names of acquaintances who could use extra help during what can be a difficult time of year. Commenting on these efforts, Mandera said simply that “We try to do the best we can to make the holidays nicer. We try to take some of the financial stress off of that time of the year.”


Other philanthropic efforts have centered around disaster relief. During such events as the 2013 tornado in Washington, IL or Hurricane Katrina, the company stepped up to help. In these pursuits, they provided both transportation services and needed supplies to aid in relief efforts (


As the need for shipping reaches an all-time high, the options available for those needing to transport goods across long distances have never been more robust. Though this greater need has given rise to a number of service providers over the years, it has also at times provoked confusion among consumers. With the preceding information about The Custom Companies and its founder Perry Mandera in mind, those in need of shipping services will have a much clearer idea of the type of quality service they can expect from the industry at large. This greater understanding will prove helpful in making a selection in the face of the numerous options available in the world of modern transportation (Tumblr).

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