Rudy Giuliani Is Throwing More Fuel On The Stormy Daniels Fire

President Trump is not afraid of lawsuits. Trump has a history of filing lawsuits as well as defending himself against lawsuits from disgruntled business associates. Trump likes to boast about the number of lawyers he pays to represent him. He wears his lawyer retainer fees like a badge of honor. But Trump may be in the legal battle of his life now that he is president. The attorneys who stood by Trump in the past like John Dowd and Michael Cohen. Both men are out of play for different reasons. Dowd didn’t like the way Trump was handling the Mueller investigation, and Cohen is facing jail time for his alleged nefarious activities while he was on the Trump payroll.

Cohen is Trump’s legal henchman. Cohen is the guy who rattles sabers and threatens the meek and as well as the mighty. But Cohen is losing his sting now that the New York U.S. Attorney’s office has him under investigation. Trump knows he’s in trouble, and when he’s in trouble, he usually pulls some kind of rabbit out of his yellow comb-over. The rabbit that just surfaced is Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani is a former mayor of New York City and a hardnose criminal prosecutor. Back in 2016, Rudy was in Trump’s corner. And the word on the street was Trump wanted Rudy to be the Attorney General instead of Jeff Sessions, but that didn’t happen. Now that Trump needs a legal superstar in his corner to fend off Mueller’s threats and quash the Stormy Daniels lawsuit, Rudy is back. And he’s making headlines that might turn the Stormy Daniels issue into something more than an alleged one-night fling with a porn star.

According to the Washington Post, Giuliani said Trump paid Michael Cohen for the money he gave Stormy Daniels so she would keep quiet about their alleged sexual encounter. Trump said he knew nothing about a Cohen payment to Daniels in March, so Giuliani’s Fox News statement was a real shocker. But Ruddy clarified his statement by saying Cohen was doing for his client what Giuliani does for his clients. In other words, paying hush money is big business for some lawyers. Trump paid Cohen what he owned him in 2017, but he also paid Cohen in 2018 for the Daniels legal job as well as other legal work.

Giuliani’s admission that Trump paid Cohen back is a tactic to prove the campaign didn’t violate any campaign finance laws. Rudy claims there’s no legal foul because campaign funds were not in play to keep Daniels quiet, according to the Post article.

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