Stone’s Finances Examined by Special Counsel

On a day that brought the end to the proposed summit between United States President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, the Trump administration received more bad news when it got word that long-time Trump adviser Roger Stone had his finances examined by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Mueller’s team has been examining Roger Stone’s finances as part of the process of gathering information about Stone’s business deals and how they might relate to a possible Russian collusion during the 2016 presidential election. The investigative team has called in a host of witnesses in an effort to gain more information about Stone and his business dealings, including information on his tax returns. The Reuters news agency broke the news on Thursday, reporting that Stone’s assistant, John P. Kakanis, was recently subpoenaed by Mueller and his team. Also subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury was Stone’s former social media adviser, Jason Sullivan, adding more fuel to the fire that the situation is escalating.

Despite the report, Stone stated that he has not been contacted by Mueller’s office, nor did he play any role in the alleged Russian collusion. Although some people may be quick to point to the subpoena as evidence that the special counsel is getting close to uncovering evidence of collusion, many political experts caution that the investigating into Stone’s finances could be completely unrelated to these events.

Defenders of Stone took the opportunity to defend him today, claiming that the special counsel has overstepped the boundaries of the investigation and Meuller is merely wanting to get close to Trump’s advisers in an attempt to dig up dirt. Despite officially leaving the Trump campaign early in its run, Stone has remained a loyal supporter of the President throughout his campaign and presidency, taking all opportunities to defend him at every turn. Stone began his storied career in politics during Richard Nixon’s 1972 campaign and has been active in both consulting and lobbying.

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