Uber Is On Track For IPO In 2019

The CEO of Uber has stated to CNBC that the company is currently on track for a 2019 IPO. The company has been wisely managed and is seeing its profits and margins continue to expand. The CEO has also touted the balance sheet of the company as being “very strong”.

There was a little caution in his statement in the sense that he did not guarantee that this would be the timetable under which the company was guaranteed to go public. Rather, he stated that given the shape of things right now that this was the most likely scenario. He did leave room open for the possibility though that the world might change dramatically between now and then and that if that did happen that things could change for the IPO date as well. At the same time, the CEO suggested that the company had such a strong position on its balance sheet as it were that even turbulent winds in the world economy might not be as big of a problem for his company as it would be for some others.

Uber of course is the ride hailing service in which a person can pay to have an everyday person come and pick them up in their person vehicle to take them wherever they need to go. In other words, the service helps those who are stranded in a particular area and who need to get to another place quickly. Not every city has taxi services, so it is nice to know that Uber is around for those who need a quick lift from point A to point B.

This company is particularly popular with a millennial audience who are thought of as early adopters of this kind of service. They like it because it fits around their lifestyle. They simply install the app on their phone and then order an Uber wherever they need to go whenever they need to go. It is really as simply as that.

The pricing is incredibly transparent with Uber and it makes a quick trip from here to there something that is not all that difficult. When you look at it this way, it is reasonable to see why a company like this is preparing a 2019 IPO for itself. There is every chance in the world that the company has a lot of hope that it will do well with investors and raise a lot of capital for itself in the process.

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