Month: June 2018

Lopez Obrador’s Agenda

On June 29th, The Federalist reported that there was a pretty good chance that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador would win Mexico’s presidential election. This prediction was made based on results from recent polls. Lopez Obrador is 64 years old. He was the mayor of Mexico City in 2000, and was the founder of a left-winged

Disney/Fox Deal Approved by Department of Justice

Despite Comcast’s best efforts, it looks like Disney will be the company to buy most of 21 Century Fox’s properties, as that deal has just passed the legal hurdle needed to go through. Bloomberg News reports that the Department of Justice signed off on the deal on the morning of June 27, 2018. This certainly

Eben Alexander III, MD

Eben Alexander III, MD on Choosing the Medical Field

Tell us about your medical area of expertise and why you chose your area of expertise? The short answer is that I followed in my father’s footsteps. He was the widely respected chairman of a neurosurgical training program, a consummate scientist, and yet also a spiritually advanced soul. In high school and early college, my

“Deadpool 2” Popular With Older Adults

Some interesting news about Deadpool 2, which is finding continued success not only from the younger set, but also from adults who are 50 and older. This information comes from Movio, a site for film analytics, about 70 percent of viewers were in the 14-30 demographic when the film first came out, but have since

French Group Arrested as they had Allegedly Plotted to Attack Muslims

According to reports, a group that is associated with the radical far-right group in France has been arrested. Investigations from law enforcement suggested that the group was planning to conduct attacks on French Muslims. Over a dozen suspects were apprehended during the weekend. A thorough search for the members of the group was carried out

Canada And Other America Allies May Use Anticorruption Laws On Trump’s Businesses To Retaliate During A Trade War

America’s allies think Donald Trump is like a bully school kid who plays sandlot baseball and makes up all the rules. As soon as the game doesn’t go his way for one reason or another, he picks up his ball and bat and goes home. He ruins the game, but he still has bully bragging

Congressional Candidate In Major Car Accident

It is not good news to hear that Congressional candidate in South Carolina Katie Arrington has been in a major car accident and has sustained injuries as a result. CNBC reports that the candidate who just celebrated a victory in the GOP primary in the 1st district of South Carolina has been in a major

First Lady Melania Trump Visits Children’s Shelters Along The Border But Her Coat Got More Attention Than Mr. Trump Wants Or Needs

The immigration debacle isn’t going away. Lawmakers can’t pass an immigration bill that fits into the Trump administration’s plan to stop people from crossing the border illegally. Trump’s campaign message centered on immigration. According to Mr. Trump, Mexico is on a quest to send criminals and low-life individuals to the United States, so Mexico doesn’t

Match Group Acquires Hinge Expanding its Brand

There is a monopoly brewing in the world of online dating. Wednesday’s announcement that Match Group now controls 51 percent of the online dating service Hinge means that the company is now under the same corporate ownership of a myriad of popular other sites in the industry. Match Group now owns Tinder,, OkCupid, and