Congressional Candidate In Major Car Accident

It is not good news to hear that Congressional candidate in South Carolina Katie Arrington has been in a major car accident and has sustained injuries as a result. CNBC reports that the candidate who just celebrated a victory in the GOP primary in the 1st district of South Carolina has been in a major car accident and sustained serious injuries.

Katie Arrington was more on the radar of politicos than your typical primary candidate for the simple fact that she actually took out a sitting member of Congress from her own party to win the seat. The member was Mark Sanford who was already famous himself for an affair that he had with a woman in Argentina while he was Governor of South Carolina. During that time, Sanford and his staff had said that he was just hiking. It became a national story and Sanford resigned from the Governor’s mansion. However, he was later elected to Congress by the people of the first district of South Carolina. That interesting twist of fate had him back in Congress until this primary election.

Having been critical of the President a time or two, Sanford had put a target on his own back so to speak and was seen as someone that certain Republicans wanted to see lose his seat in Congress. They got their wish as Arrington was able to defeat him by a decent margin.

Evidently, the accident in which Mrs. Arrington was involved in including another vehicle that was driving on the wrong side of the road and ended up crashing into Arrington head on. The other driver involved in the accident was pronounced dead on the scene. The extent of injuries sustained by Katie Arrington has not yet been released, but we do know that she has had surgeries as a result of this accident. Her condition is not known at this time.

Everyone regardless of party or politics has to stop and see this story as nothing less than tragic. Everyone is still hoping that she will be able to pull through this with as few injuries as possible. She has already done amazing things in the field of politics by unseating a member of her own party (something that rarely happens), but now she just might have to do even more amazing things in her personal health life and pull through a terrible car accident.

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