Cries of Children’s Separation in the US


Issues on immigration have become dominant in both the European Union countries and the United States. The most affected state in EU is Germany with Merkel, the German Vice Chancellor, rivaling against many who support new rules. In a meeting in Germany, the EU countries are advocating for migrants to be returned at the borders. In the United States, however, the approach is entirely different. President Donald Trump promised his followers to curb immigration issues in America once elected into office. When he took office in 2017, he instituted rules gradually and in time targeted various countries including Iran and Syria.

Most people leave Central America into other states through the Arizona and Texas borders. The increased number of migrants has left the patrol border agents with loads of work. There have been measures in place that include surveillance and companies have been contracted to advance this tech for effectiveness. The Trump administration instituted laws for curbing immigration. Many humanitarian organizations and some people are against.

The new laws have given border patrol agents the mandate to detain parents who come seeking to enter the US. This action leads to separation of children from their parents. Melanie, the first lady, echoed the separation as long and urging the government to be considerate. According to the Guardian, an undercover news channel ProPublica got audio covering cries of ten Central American children being separated from their parents.

Migration authorities have disjointed approximately 2,000 children from their guardians or parents following the Trump’s zero tolerance policy. The captured parents are then sent to jail awaiting prosecution as children survive under government’s care. Oppositions towards the Trump administration from officials and the public has grown tremendously. The press has been denied access to where the children are placed after detachment from their families.

The children have been denied the right to speak to journalists, according to ProPublica. These emotional cries are of young children echoing their unwillingness for deportation of their parents. The recording taped a male border patrol agent ridiculing the weeping children in what he calls the cries an orchestra. ProPublica released the audio as the Trump’s administration wriggled to validate the importance of the policy. Condemnation of the system has been raised by religious leaders, Democrats, Republicans, and activists of human rights and child welfare.

Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon tweeted challenging the administration to defend the policy after listening to the provided audio. Four ex-first ladies Hillary Clinton, Rosalynn Carter, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama have condemned the rule. Also, all Democratic senators have signed a bill on policy ban.

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