French Group Arrested as they had Allegedly Plotted to Attack Muslims

According to reports, a group that is associated with the radical far-right group in France has been arrested. Investigations from law enforcement suggested that the group was planning to conduct attacks on French Muslims. Over a dozen suspects were apprehended during the weekend. A thorough search for the members of the group was carried out across the region of Paris and also the Island of Corsica. The group targeted Islamist prison inmates and local radical imams. Several firearms were discovered and confiscated by the police during the raid. The suspects had developed homemade explosives and grenades. The suspects that were arrested in connection to the case were aged between 32 years and 69. The group- also comprised of a retired police officer who the police suspected was the one leading the group.

Agence France reported that a close ally to the investigators revealed that the group was fully armed and had an ill-motivated strategy to attack people of the Muslim faith. Another source reported that they had targeted all the figures that were linked to radical Islam. Gerard Collomb, the France interior minister, congratulated the country’s intelligence agency via a tweet using his tweeter handle. He complimented the agency saying that it watches over the French people day and night. It offers protection to the French citizens preventing them against any form of violence.

The director of the Center of Terrorism and Radicalization at the Institute of Henry Jackson, Nikita Malik, revealed that the alleged plots seemed to possess some aspects of vigilantism. Malik, however, cautioned from giving the group any credibility. She went on to say that the people that were selected appeared to be Muslims because of the way they dressed. Due to their dressing, this made them easy targets. Such groups are always driven by rumors and conspiracy theories. The groups are said to have been istilled with neo-nazism ideologies.

The tactics and methods that are used by such kind of groups are often parallel to those conducted by the Islamist groups. A good example is the use of knives, acid, and vehicles. The grievances and the themes that these groups use are way too familiar. Despite that they always disagree and oppose each other, they end up using ordinary methods. They all like using low technology in search of significant impacts. Especially, when the group operates in gangs, the resources that they use are all household items. Things that are easy to obtain.

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