IHOP the new IHOB??

The social media world is all atwitter on Wednesday after famed breakfast joint IHOP made an announcement that it would be soon changing its name to IHOB.

Offering no explanation for the reason for the change or what the new letter B would stand for, the surprise announcement did its work and got people talking in a variety of social media outlets. Although the company has been around for 60 years, the venerable restaurant has used the IHOP name since 1973. IHOP made the announcement via its Twitter feed and Facebook page, citing that the new name would take effect on June 11.

The majority of internet speculation centered around what the B is intended to represent, with most people guessing brunch, breakfast, biscuits, or even bacon. Parent company Dine Brands would not confirm if the name change will be a permanent fixture or if it is simply a short-term marketing ploy designed to drum up attention and draw people in for another round of pancakes.

The marketing team at IHOP took advantage of the attention and created a poll on their social media platforms asking people to vote on what the B should stand for. Options included bacon, biscuits, butternut squash, and……barnacles?

Financial experts are not certain as to why Dine Brands would tinker with the iconic name. Dine Brands is currently experiencing a resurgence, as IHOP and its sister company Applebee’s are contributing to stock prices being up almost 25 percent so far this year. A little investigative research shows that are no live trademark requests to the IHOB brand name, fueling beliefs that this is just a marketing gimmick.

Whatever the reason behind the name change, it looks like curious breakfast aficionados may have to wait a few more days to find out the reason behind the change.

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