Lopez Obrador’s Agenda

On June 29th, The Federalist reported that there was a pretty good chance that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador would win Mexico’s presidential election. This prediction was made based on results from recent polls.

Lopez Obrador is 64 years old. He was the mayor of Mexico City in 2000, and was the founder of a left-winged party called National Regeneration Movement Party, or MORENA. Many people in this party have shown interest in very questionable and corrupt figures such as Fidel Castro, Nicolas Maduro and Hugo Chavez.

Lopez Obrador, himself, has promised a “radical revolution.” Lopez Obrador tries to come off as having moderate views and goals. However, those who have analyzed his behavior say that his goals and charismatic personality bear a close resemblance to Hugo Chavez.

He plans on taxing people and using that money to give the public various “free services.” Free collegiate education for all Mexicans is on his agenda. He wants to increase the amount of money that is spent on welfare, as well as the amount of money that workers earn for minimum wage.

Lopez Obrador wants to nationalize everything and turn Mexico into a self-sufficient country. Many people are afraid that this will somehow destroy the economy and the value of the peso.

Some people believe that Lopez Obrador’s agenda is bad, and that it will lead to the same disparaging situation that is currently going on in Venezuela.

If Lopez Obrador’s agenda really does destroy the Mexican economy, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be a lot more people coming over the border from Mexico to America. To make matters worse, Lopez Obrador has made it clear that it is within his agenda to fight for the “right” of immigrants—both legal and illegal—to come to the United States if they need to. He will make it a point to fight for his people to have this right—and eventually people from other Latino countries and the rest of the world.

Currently, there is a lot of crime and corruption going on in Mexico. In fact, it is frequently stated as one of the most violent countries on the planet. Lopez Obrador promises to make everything better and to improve the quality of life in Mexico. He claims to be someone who is anti-corruption and anti-establishment. Unfortunately, we do not really know what he has in store for Mexico. He could be Mexico’s saving grace, or he could be a false profit.

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