There may be a possibility of a Russian-United States Summit

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, shared her thoughts saying that she was in favour of a U.S –Russia summit to seek a point of comprehensive mediation forward after an unbridled meeting of the G-7. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, wasn’t invited to the G-7 meeting that was held in Quebec, Canada. President Donald Trump thought that it was wise that the Russian president is re-admitted to the G-7. Austria is encouraging the United States to hold a summit in Vienna with President Vladimir Putin. Merkel pledged her support for the meeting while speaking in a German television interview. She wished that the two presidents could meet for an extended period and get to discuss things over.

After returning from the G-7 summit, Merkel said that it was exclusively wrong for president Trump to press Germany to elevate their defense spending. This opened a renewed attack as Trump attacked Europe’s military outlays. Merkel said that it was only 18 months since Trump took over office. Since then, Germany has struggled to upend a mutual relationship with the United States. She went further to echo some comments regarding the erosion of the ties between Europe and the United States.

Merkel expressed her dismay about President Trump’s repudiation of the group of seven leader’s joint meeting. Merkel continued to say that Defaulting in a tweet is depressing. The German leader added that it was also disappointing and challenging. It was that time the U.S president stopped thinking that only one side wins and the other ones always lose. Even so, Merkel said that the U.S president must push on with the dialogue and that global partnerships are not yet over. Merkel said that the meeting drove home a major point that she has always made over the years. It’s the highest time that the European Union rose up and stood together so that they can elevate their clout as the U.S has proven time and again that it’s not a reliable partner.

She insisted that Europe had to start standing up for their principles. They can as well potentially stand with Canada and Japan. She continued to say that it’s that time when the European Union shouldn’t be taken for a ride, especially with its trade conflicts with the United States. Merkel said that on 1st of July, the European Union would be ready to impose tariffs on all US goods in retaliation to Trump’s tariff imports on the European aluminum and steel.

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