VIP Golf Austin: Top Golf Items That You Should Get This Summer

New golf items are out on the market that will help raise your golf game even more over the summer. From things like footwear, to clubs, to gadgets all of these items will help to provide you with a great game of golf underneath the summer sun. Check out VIP Golf Austin for local golf packages in the area to use all of your cool new golf gear in your next round of golf.

Laser Rangefinders

Golf gadgets have come a long way and this item is great to use in order to get a precise distance from your ball to the hole. Rangefinders help to pin down the distance within a yard to the hole as well as provide GPS information to warn you of other hazards in the area. Use it to choose the right club on a tricky course in order to play your best day of golf.

The Right Shoes

There are many different golf shoes out there but new on the market is this Puma Golf Shoe that offers protection from both water as well as offering great traction while out on the course. These shoes are stylish as well as comfortable with their mid sole foam that can easily stand up to a full day out on the course.

Cooling Shirts

There is nothing like a nice cool shirt to wear on one of VIP Golf Austin’s golf courses in the summer. Beat the summer heat by playing in this golf polo that is designed to keep golfers cool even under the Texan summer sun. The “climachill” technology looks like gray dots on the back of the neck area that makes golfers feel like cold water was just poured over you for an overall refreshing feeling. Snag a few of these shirts in different colors to wear on the course and around the house this summer.

Chipping Practice off The Course

Raise your golf game and enjoy some fun with friends by playing this fun chipping corn hole game that can be played in a backyard, taken to the beach, or even on the road. This game focuses on chipping golf balls into designated holes against another team of players. Get in some extra practice while hanging out with friends all summer long with this fun little game.

The Twist Face

The new driver out on the market from TaylorMade was designed after gathering data from more than half a million golf swings. The M3 Driver Twist Face is the name of their new driver that claims to save fairway shots by 6 yards on both sides. The driver’s curves are said to provide less loft in the low-heel and more loft in the high-toe to provide a side spin when the ball is hit incorrectly. Its claims are high but they have the data to prove the technology.

Make your time out on the green better this summer by picking up a few of these top golf items. The shoes and shirt are sure to make your day outside more comfortable while the driver and laser rangefinder will help to improve your score. Take practice to other areas off the course with the chipping corn hole game as well. Any of these options would be great to add to your golf game this summer.

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