DC Comics Spoils Batman’s Wedding Twist

In a surprising move, DC Comics has officially spoiled the events of the upcoming Catwoman/Batman wedding issue, earning ire from many fans. (Warning: to tell this story, we have to spoil it too!)

The wedding issue, Batman #50, is due out on Wednesday, July 4. The reveal of its contents was made in the pages of the New York Times, in an article that also explained the history of Batman and Catwoman’s relationships.

So basically, the wedding is not going to happen. Selina Kyle (Catwoman) winds up leaving Bruce Wayne (Batman, obviously) at the altar, having decided that marriage would make Batman happy and thus lead to him ending his angst-fueled mission of justice. She posits this as a sacrifice for the greater good.

John Cunningham, the Senior Vice President of Sales for DC Comics, posted on Facebook to explain their reasoning, basically saying that it would preempt any outside spoilers and also create buzz to get more people to buy the issue. Many have questioned these points; for one, many longtime readers have canceled their own subscriptions in protest, and argue that their reading experience has been ruined by this move.

Among those ticked off are also Tom King, the writer, tweeting “Ugh. Batman 50 spoilers are now out there. Ignore/avoid them (or try to) and read the issue.”

Of course, many are not only angry about the spoilers, but also the decision itself. Batman first proposed to Catwoman about a year ago, in issue #25; DC Comics has hyped the story since then. There are many arguments to be made against King’s point: that Batman CAN be happy, that he in fact IS happy with his friends and family (including four adopted kids, after all), and that the comics promised a big change to their stories but then pulled a bait and switch.

For his part, King says that this issue is not the end of the story, saying that his run is planned as a 100-issue arc that will continue to explore the couple’s feelings for each other.

Of note: Marvel pulled a similar move recently with a wedding for X-Men characters Kitty Pryde and Piotr Rasputin/Colossus that also fell through. In that case, at least, fellow heroes Gambit and Rogue decided to step in and get married themselves, providing a different treat for the romance-minded fans.

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