GreenSky Credit Company Offers a Sound Alternative to Credit Cards for Home Improvement Projects

GreenSKy IPO credit

Is there a home improvement project you’d like to do if you had the funds? What if you could access money from a bank, at a decent rate, even if the loan amount wasn’t large? In the past, banks often turned down borrowers who wanted smaller loans, so many homeowners resorted to using credit cards. However, GreenSky Inc. has created a simple way for homeowners to access bank loans for their home improvement projects.

What is GreenSky Credit?

GreenSky credit is a fast, easy way to access bank loans without all the paperwork. It’s basically a link between businesses, customers, and banks. Borrowers can access funds to use at a local retail store or they can pay a contractor directly for projects. Plus, if you use one of the in-network pros, you get 0% interest on your loan for the first 18 months.

GreenSky has partnered with over 12,000 merchants and coordinates with banks to secure borrowed funds. Normally, most banks wouldn’t lend such small amounts or, if they do, will require a rigorous approval process (which includes lots of paperwork). However, by using GreenSky, you eliminate much of the hassle and avoid using credit cards with high-interest rates. GreenSky has funded over $12 billion in loans for over 1.7 million customers.

How Does GreenSky Credit Work?

The first step to accessing one of these loans is by applying online. You’ll provide basic information like your name and address and how you plan to use the loan. It typically takes about two minutes to complete the process. Then, simply submit the online application for approval. Loans may be approved for up to $55,000 and, even better, you’ll know within seconds if you’ve been approved for the loan.

Once approved, you’ll receive a home improvement payment card, which you use like a credit card, in the mail. After that, you have a six-month window to utilize the funds. You can use the payment card with any retailer or home improvement merchant and spend only as much as you need. After the six-month window ends, you’ll pay off the money you spent in fixed monthly installments.

More About GreenSky

GreenSky credit GreenSky Inc. opened its doors back in 2006. It was founded on the idea that technology could help improve the experience of credit and commerce customers. Since then, GreenSky has become one of the biggest fintech firms in the nation. Not only does GreenSky provide a simple payment solution for consumers, but also helps businesses grow.

GreenSky credit company is based in Atlanta, Georgia, but provides services to customers across the country. It has partnered with over 14 large banking institutions to make these funds available for customers in need of home improvement loans. Customers can access funds for things such as home automation, roofing, windows and doors, pools, spas, HVAC, hardscapes, sunrooms, basements, backyard projects, fences, porches, sheds, decks, and remodeling.

In addition to funding home improvement projects, GreenSky credit company also provides funds for healthcare procedures that aren’t covered by insurance. These may include dental and orthodontic work, vision services, cosmetic procedures, and veterinary care for a beloved pet. To qualify for a GreenSky loan, borrows must have prime to plus prime credit.

What Customers are Saying About GreenSky Credit

GreenSky Inc. has risen to the top of fintech companies because it makes getting money for things like home improvement projects simple. Here’s what borrowers are saying about GreenSky credit company:

“Working with GreenSky was easy and hassle-free. The entire process was quick and simple. I’m very satisfied with my experience.” —Vanessa K.

“Thank you GreenSky for making my home improvements easy to finance. I would recommend GreenSky to anyone looking to make their dream renovations come true.” —Shante R.

“GreenSky made it very easy for us to obtain the additional funding we needed to complete our bathroom renovation. The application and approval process was quick and easy.” —Jason C.

With over 1.7 million happy customers, GreenSky credit company provides a great alternative to both credit cards and loans directly from the bank.

GreenSky’s Core Values

Customers like using GreenSky credit company for its easy application and quick access to funds, but they also appreciate the core values that drive its excellent service. These values include:

  • Providing excellent service to its customers and anticipating their individual needs
  • Displaying integrity by being transparent in its actions and encouraging responsibility and trust in its employees
  • Advocating for the best interests of the community
  • Encouraging enthusiasm by creating value and positive energy
  • Focusing on effectiveness and speed, without compromising quality, to ensure the best impact for customers and partners alike

The Team Behind GreenSky Credit

GreenSky credit celebrates IPO
GreenSky celebrates IPO


The Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of GreenSky Inc. is David Zalik. David is a serial entrepreneur who built his first company at the age of 14 as a student at Auburn University. He has won numerous awards, including the 2016 National EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Financial Services.

The company’s Vice Chairman and Chief Administrative Officer is Gerry Benjamin. He has 30 years of investment banking, principal investing, corporate finance advisory, and restructuring experience. GreenSky’s President and Chief Risk Officer is Tim Kaliban, who has spent nearly 30 years managing lending, product development, compliance, and service.

These core team members bring a wealth of background and experience to the GreenSky team. GreenSky recently became a publicly traded company and continues to grow in momentum and success. Visit the company’s website for more information or to apply for a home improvement loan.


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