Nick Vertucci Dares Real Estate Investors To Dream Bigger

Not everyone dares to go out in the world and take chances. In fact, the average person is risk-averse and often willing to settle for routine over adventure. The trouble with this type of lifestyle is that it offers limited income potential. A new book by Nick Vertucci delves into this theme while giving an account of how Nick overcame limitations to achieve a seven-figure investment career.


Nick wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and he didn’t have a contact list full of A-list investors. However, he successfully built two separate businesses in two distinctly different but competitive industries. Vertucci became an expert in real estate through direct experience and trial and error. He’s made mistakes in business, but he’s introspective enough to turn business tragedies into triumphs. Now he’s crafted a handbook that will help you develop the mindset to achieve success in real estate.


Vertucci is the founder of The Nick Vertucci Companies, an Irvine, California based real estate operation. He’s also the founder of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. NVREA empowers entrepreneurs through education and by providing the proper toolset to build their successful real estate businesses.



Nick Vertucci Relies on His Experience to Teach Real Estate Investing


NVREA is a turn-key system that is the result of Nick’s extensive industry experience. The program is excellent for individuals who wish to get up and running fast. Real estate investing is a fast-moving game, so it pays to fast track your education and training. Students discover proven strategies to rehab, buy, and rent out bank-owned real estate properties.


CEO of NVREA Nick Vertucci

Most people have heard of “flipping” and even understand the basics. This age-old principle is as simple as finding a house, buying it for a reasonable price, and then selling for a fast, substantial profit. Naturally, this at times is easier said than done. However, there are many tricks and hidden bits of knowledge that will help investors streamline the process. That’s where Nick Vertucci and his training enter the picture.


The NVREA has been maintaining the same philosophy since opening in 2013. They put students first and are passionate about their mission to create a generation of successful real estate investors.



Discover How to Make “Seven Figure Decisions” That Change Your Life


“Seven Figure Decisions” is the first book from Nick Vertucci. It’s a well-written account of the mindset Nick brings to his investing business. Nick knows what success and failure both feel like, and what steps lead someone to those destinations. The book helps impart wisdom that allows readers to see where Nick made his mistakes so they can emulate the change in his thinking that let him power his way back to the top.


The book’s subtitle is “Having the Balls to Succeed.” As you can infer, the book goes into a lot of detail about investors can get the courage to begin their real estate journey. It takes passion and fearlessness to forego a stable income at a job to try your hand at house flipping. The rewards are sky-high, but so are the risks when you’re using your capital and you’re no longer gaining an income from an outside force. Nick teaches students and readers how to control those fears and turn them into a benefit.


Real Estate Training That’s Based on Real World Knowhow


Beginning students need all the help they can get, especially in the form of hands-on training. There are many details required to succeed in flipping real estate. That’s the reason the NVREA training helps students accelerate their knowledge through advanced training that goes well beyond theory. Those who complete the training have a balanced and broad education that will help put the pieces together to build a profitable business.


Those who attend learn about commercial real estate and flipping contracts. They discover how to use the bank’s money and properties to create lucrative income streams. Owning real estate allows people to use leverage to control sizeable real estate properties that produce sizable revenue. It’s a business where motivated people can start small but grow year after year. It all starts with knowledge and the proper mindset that looks for opportunities instead of focusing on problems.


NVREA stands out from the crowd in the are of rehabbing and flipping. The lesson is to “get in get out get paid” which is the lifecycle of any property flip. Learn how not to get trapped in a flip. Understand the proper way to evaluate properties, and you have an edge in the field.


Flipping is an exciting subject because many people have casually “flipped” a house and make a nice return. They may have been in the right place at the right time, or they had unique knowledge about the property that helped them do the job. However, a problem arises when people think their beginner’s luck will happen every time. Turning flipping into a sustainable real estate investing business requires establishing a specific process. That’s the area where Nick and his training program come to the rescue.


Vertucci knows the details that creating a system requires and he’s able to impart that knowledge in a precise, relatable way. Students who attend his training classes or readers who pick up the book appreciate the no-nonsense, no fluff approach. Sure, it’s nice to listen to theories about what makes for successful investing. But it’s a lot better to hear how to succeed straight from the mouth of someone who’s doing it on a daily basis. When that knowledge goes into practice, people gain the opportunity to earn life-changing incomes.


One of the first tests a real estate investor undergoes is determining whether they have a willingness to invest in their profession. Few would argue that specialized information is what helps pros earn money in any field. Without the best tools and industry-specific training, few, if any people, will ever succeed. Real estate is no different, so it’s crucial that anyone who wants to follow in the footsteps of Nick understands one of his fundamental principles.


Don’t Let Fear of Failure Derail Your Real Estate Success


Nick failed in his first business when the Dot Com bubble first. He took away a crucial lesson that above all else, you cannot be afraid to invest in your career, profession, or business. Those students who decide to join him are investing in his courses so that they can leverage his knowledge to create a rapid pathway to success.

Maintaining a proper mindset is easy for a short amount of time. It’s also simple when everything is going your way. When the situation worsens, though, is when having a positive attitude and in-depth real estate investing knowledge helps. Investors who know the business will never succumb to negative emotions because they know how each piece fits together. Vertucci and his trainers help individuals gain that insight.


Nick and his trainers hold events and seminars where they work with students directly. These types of gatherings are for people who appreciate getting a lot of information in a condensed period. The trainer’s pack in a ton of specific stuff that will help “unlock” mental lightbulbs! There’s nothing quite like that moment when all the knowledge finally clicks in place, and the student gains a grasp on the intricacies of earning high returns.


Flipping Works in All Economic Conditions


Flipping is not going anywhere. The average flip puts over $64,000 into an investors pocket. That impressive figure is enough to motivate anyone to learn more about professional real estate investing. Most people are unsure of what tactics to take to evaluate properties, and many new investors aren’t sure of their ability to pull off the rehabbing. NVREA training is designed to alleviate those fears by giving students the foundation they need to handle these types of transactions from beginning to end.


Even during down years, flips represent excellent returns and substantial profit opportunities. The real estate industry never gets smaller because people need places to live. Experienced and savvy investors fulfill a crucial function in the industry and receive lucrative financial rewards as a result of their hard work. Nick has risen to the top of the game and is now helping others to join him in the winner’s circle. He feels life is a lot more rewarding when you help others achieve their dreams.


Consider these key takeaways:



  • Flipping is a dynamic and growing industry.


  • Vertucci is a leader in the field and offers helpful training through his events, books, and courses.


  • Self-starters who are willing to learn can jump start their real estate investing careers by mastering the fundamental steps that took Nick from temporary failure to lasting business success.


  • Anyone who “has balls” and is ready to take the plunge should dive in and give it their best. They may end up realizing their dreams.




Nick and his new book are sure to touch the lives of entrepreneurs everywhere. People want to better themselves economically, but they don’t always know where to start.


For these folks, following a proven system is a no-brainer. The logic is obvious. If it worked for him, it would work for me! For that reason alone, the training by Nick in his events, books, and courses is worth the cost. It will inspire someone to know that he achieved his goals and that they can do the same by following his steps.

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