Trump’s UK Visit Protests

The US President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit the UK next week. Following this, trade unions and campaign groups have prepared a program of protests to trail him. This includes a six-meter irritated baby balloon scheduled to fly from Parliament Square above Westminster. Civilians have planned demonstrations that will commence on Thursday evening at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. The next will begin in Regent’s Park in London, where demonstrators believe the president will take dinner. An additional venue is where Trump is thought to spend the night at the US ambassador’s home.

Activists raised 16,000 Euros to fund the Trump baby balloon that will commence flying on Friday morning. Interestingly, Sadiq Khan, the London mayor permitted demonstrators to fly the balloon. Khan’s spokesperson said that the mayor is in full support of the right to a peaceful demonstration. An environmental activist Leo Murray supported the balloon feat. Leo stated that the event is anticipated to play with president Trump’s mindset. Murray continues to emphasize on Trump’s insecurity saying the balloon aims at humiliating him to draw his attention.

Protestors think Trump and Theresa May will meet Chequers, the country house, for breakfast thus planning further protests there. The significant demonstrations will take place at 2 pm in London outside the BBC headquarters. Protests will end at 5 pm at Trafalgar Square with an expectation of a great multitude of people. Together Against Trump is a coalition organizing the specifics of the rally that is itemized on Facebook. The alliance comprises the TUC as well as additional trade unions, and CND. Others include Jeremy Corbyn-associate common group, Momentum, and Friends of the Earth.

The Labor party is conflicting to Trump’s formal visit to the UK but expects people in large number in the protests. The leader of the Labor party will not be present at the demos individually. The party spokesperson said people would express their feelings. On Friday, Trump is expected to meet the Queen at Windsor Castle. Trump’s mother was born in Scotland where he is anticipated to go where he has two golf courses. Glasgow will also hold demos on Friday evening as well as Edinburg on Saturday at noon. Planners assure massive resistance using several measures such as talks, stalls, and music.

Trump has also invited almost 150 business leaders to dinner in an anonymous location which features Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Larry Fink. After the NATO summit in Brussels, Trump will head to Helsinki to meet Vladimir Putin on July 16.

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