What We Can Learn From Igor Cornelsen’s Path to Investment Success


Igor Cornelsen currently serves as a proprietor of Bainbridge Investments. It is an investment management firm that is based in the Bahama Islands. Igor spent most of his career years working in Brazil as an investment adviser. He is retired now but still enjoys helping people. In an interview, he said that helping other people succeed inspires him. He is respected in multiple countries, and people who need insightful but bold advice seek his help.

Igor Cornelsen’s History Of Investment Advising

In 1965, Igor started college in Brazil. He originally studied engineering but switched to economics. That change fueled his interest in investing, and he took a job at an investment bank after he graduated in 1970. At a time when computers were not regularly used in businesses to make complex calculations, Igor was an asset because of his extensive mathematical background that spanned two majors. He gained recognition and was promoted to the role of investment banker. In 1974, he was elected to the board of Multibanco. He became the CEO just two years later.

After the bank was acquired, he left and went to another investment bank. Although there was significant economic turmoil during the 1980s and 1990s, Igor continued to gain success. He eventually went on to work with a London-based bank. After he spent several years as a board member for the institution’s Brazilian branch, he started his own successful investment firm.

Igor said that part of his success came from investing in countries that he predicted would do well and selling assets in countries that he predicted would decline. This strategy served him well over the years. Igor spent many hours studying newspapers from around the world. He had other sources for researching trends as well, and he used comprehensive data to make his decisions.

Igor also spent a lot of time at work. Being a successful investor requires long hours, and being a successful investment banker often requires even more hours. Since he was passionate about investing, the immense time sacrifice was worthwhile to him. When he had free time away from researching, advising and other work duties, Igor enjoyed playing golf.

Igor Cornelsen’s Investment Advice

Since research has been one of the critical components of his success, Igor encourages investors to perform comprehensive research. While keeping up with mainstream news is important, good investors must know how to predict what will happen in a country’s economy as well. Igor encourages investors to study economics if they did not major in the subject in college. For news, he advises people to follow Reuters.

According to Igor, Reuters does not use bias in reporting. As he pointed out in an interview, bias can be dangerous if people believe it. When it comes to investing, a piece of biased news can lead to a bad investment. If it is something that a person wants to keep as a long-term investment, the outcome can be especially bad.

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Many people wait until they are older to start investing. However, Igor advises people to start as early in life as possible. If a person sets money aside for one or more initial investments, the individual can use the profits from that original amount to reinvest in other smart picks. Igor also advises young people to learn the rules of investing. If they do not follow the rules, they can wind up losing everything. When people invest more money at a younger age and make smart choices, they can enjoy larger rewards when they reach retirement age.

Igor Cornelsen’s Other Accomplishments

Another important tip from Igor is to diversify investments. As he pointed out in an interview, investing everything in one industry or in one company can lead to major losses. In addition to diversifying industries and companies, investors should diversify investment vehicles. There are stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs and other choices. People who have a wider portfolio that is updated frequently are more likely to see better long-term results.

Also, Igor stresses the importance of working with a reputable financial adviser who will regularly analyze a portfolio and suggest necessary changes. It is especially important to work with a financial adviser in the beginning when someone is new to investing. Some people learn bad habits or incorrect methods, and it is easier to correct those early on with the help of a knowledgeable professional. As investors learn more and start to develop their own successful research methods, they can make more of their own decisions.

When Igor offers advice, people who are familiar with him and his background listen. He has helped individuals and even multi-national corporations succeed because of his insights and advice. Today, Igor enjoys helping other people become successful investors by providing advice in his blog. He welcomes people to follow him on social media as well.

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