Month: August 2018

Ryan Seacrest’s Intense Workout Plan Will Make You Sweat

Ryan Seacrest and his fabulous girlfriend Shayna Taylor are having a blast on their vacation in Italy. The 43-year-old host and entertainment mogul was spotted enjoying dinner with his girlfriend and friends in Portofino, Italy. While Italy is known for its beauties and rich history, the country is also known for its culinary specialties. Ryan

What Drives Dherbs Founder AD Dolphin to Keep Finding Ways To Stay Innovative in 2018?

We all know that the health and wellness industry is continuing to grow, and the reasons are clear: People all around the world are becoming more and more aware of what goes into their bodies. They are discovering that a holistic approach to health has huge benefits; by eating well and giving their bodies every

Is Healthy Water Actually Healthy? Waiakea Shares Results

Is ‘Healthy’ Bottled Water, Like Waiakea Water, Actually Healthy?

Hydration is essential to your health. And, despite all the colorful marketing campaigns for every specially-engineered beverage imaginable, water is still the absolute best way to hydrate. Most doctors recommend at least six to eight glasses a day. As important as it is to drink water, it’s just as important to understand that not all

Senators Propose Renaming the Russell Senate Office Building to Honor Mccain

As the nation prepares for the funeral of late Senator John McCain, who will be laid out in repose in the Capitol Building until the time of the service, several members of the Senate have proposed renaming the Russell Senate Office Building to honor the long-time senator. The idea was first submitted by Sen. Chuck

We answer the common questions you may have if IC Systems contacts you

Two Commonly Asked Questions About IC Systems

For many people, interactions with an accounts receivable company, otherwise known as a collection agency, can be an intimidating experience. When interacting with such a company, confusion can arise that can not only impede the process of achieving financial resolution but also create undue stress for the customer. IC Systems, a leader in the field

Fired Chief Strategist Steve Bannon Thinks the GOP Will Lose the House in November

Steve Bannon was Trump’s pal when the president was getting his feet wet during his campaign to be the next president. Bannon uses the word “former” a lot on his impressive resume. Steve’s a former investment banker, former chairman of Breitbart News, and a former friend of Donald Trump. Bannon make a mistake when he

The Views in Chinese Streets on the Trade War. Some Vow to Boycott U.S Products

Chinese officials have in the recent past, held back and at most measured their responses to American leader Donald Trump’s tough talk on a trade war with China. This happened in the recent weeks when trump announced a series of new punitive tariffs on Chinese exports to the US. They have allowed most of the

canadian marijuana stocks - matt badiali's advice

Matt Badiali Shares Investing Advice About Canadian Marijuana Sector

Recently, Oklahoma became the 30th state to allow cannabis use in a limited capacity. However, the world is turning its attention to Canada this fall in terms of marijuana legalization. In October, the G7 nation to the north of the United States is set to legalize marijuana in all forms and in all provinces. The