What Drives Dherbs Founder AD Dolphin to Keep Finding Ways To Stay Innovative in 2018?

We all know that the health and wellness industry is continuing to grow, and the reasons are clear: People all around the world are becoming more and more aware of what goes into their bodies. They are discovering that a holistic approach to health has huge benefits; by eating well and giving their bodies every advantage, they can stay healthier and feel great. At the forefront of this growing new industry is A.D. Dolphin. Dolphin’s philosophy is refreshingly straightforward: “The body can heal itself if it has the right fuel.” His Los Angeles-based company, Dherbs, produces a continuously expanding line of herbal products that help remedy an ever-growing list of health ailments. This is because Dolphin is constantly learning new information to share with clients. This constant improvement sets him apart as a leader in the field of health and wellness.

Dolphin became increasingly interested in his own health after retiring from his basketball career in Australia, during which he made a name for himself and truly enjoyed playing overseas. After returning to the United States, he made the natural next step of becoming a professional trainer. Dolphin became a wildly desirable coach and quickly grew his training program to over 300 professional clients. His popular style was to analyze each individual player and tailor a training program specifically for their needs.

“I saw how clients learned and what worked for them,” Dolphin says. “I trained each client not only according to their desires, but also to their needs.” Within months of starting his training program, he became a highly recommended professional amongst top performing athletes. It was during this time that Dolphin became aware that his commitment to his own personal training was beginning to slide. He had started to gain weight and feel more sluggish. When a friend introduced him to herbal cleanses, he experienced the revelation that would set him on the path to creating a growing health and wellness business. Dolphin recalls, “after experimenting with different cleanses, I felt that I could create a better cleanse that wasn’t on the market. I hired an herbalist and the rest is history.”

Dolphin comes from a long line of hardworking creative entrepreneurs. In his own words, “I always knew I would be an entrepreneur. Everyone in my family owned their own businesses and I wanted to follow in their footsteps.” He dabbled in music and the real estate industry, but his true passion was in health and wellness. After his own personal experience with the powerful potential of alternative medicine and with his drive to leave a positive mark on the world, his path was set. Dolphin began researching and testing herbal products to develop his own superior cleanse. After much trial and error, he developed what he felt was a game changing product. Within the first 7 days of the 20-day cleanse he had created, people felt that their energy increased, their sleep was better, their thoughts were clearer, and their cravings for junk food had subsided.


Dolphin decided to use this product to launch his online herbal supplement company. Dherbs Inc. was launched in 2004 with the introduction of the company’s number one selling product, the Full Body Cleanse. In the beginning, Dolphin joked that he “didn’t even have an email,” but since 2004 when he and his 2 partners opened the new online shopping platform Dherbs.com, they have not looked back. While Dherbs has enjoyed over a decade of growth and success, Mr Dolphin continues to innovate and inspire within his company. As founder and CEO, he is driven to help others achieve healthy lifestyles: “There is nothing like the feeling you get when you start helping people.”

AD Dolphin’s Entrepreneurial Spirit at Dherbs

Through Dolphin’s entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, Dherbs began an evolution in the use of herbal supplements and cleanses to promote health, healing, and an active lifestyle. As a former professional trainer and health and wellness expert, Dolphin knows a great deal about keeping your body at peak performance. His future ambitions are to expand Dherbs’ holistic approach using initiatives designed to promote healthy eating and exercise. His passion is to pass his knowledge on and to motivate everyone he can to live their healthiest life. We see how his truly holistic approach influences the products Dherbs offers, helping to give your body every advantage it needs to achieve total health. To further inspire his clients to reach their goals beyond the products themselves, Dherbs now includes healthy recipes enabling people to optimize their overall health and healing and teach them how easy it is to make the small changes to their diet needed to enjoy huge rewards in their level of health.

The recipes show you how you can eat healthier versions of your favorite food while continuing on your journey to good health. Dolphin has also begun to focus on exercise as a key element to a person’s overall health. To incorporate this knowledge into the Dherbs line of products, he created Dherbs Active. A new website – DherbsActive.com – is dedicated to encouraging people to be active whenever and wherever possible. With the launch of Dherbs Active, Dolphin has achieved his goal of bringing all aspects of health and wellness under the Dherbs brand. Using his expertise and knowledge in the alternative medicine industry, he will continue to refine and innovate products that help all people interested in improving their health to find the right combination of food, exercise, and herbal supplements to experience a better life. Now they’ve built a loyal following on Facebook, and continue to rack up positive Yelp reviews, proving the positive community vibe he’s created.

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