Fired Chief Strategist Steve Bannon Thinks the GOP Will Lose the House in November

Steve Bannon was Trump’s pal when the president was getting his feet wet during his campaign to be the next president. Bannon uses the word “former” a lot on his impressive resume. Steve’s a former investment banker, former chairman of Breitbart News, and a former friend of Donald Trump. Bannon make a mistake when he criticized Donald Trump Jr. He also said the president undisciplined, and that was another fatal error. Bannon also lost a lot of political friends when he got up close and personal with Alabama’s Roy Moore during his Senate campaign.

But in true Trump fashion, Mr. Bannon shakes off the negative comments. He’s back in the spotlight warning the Republican Party that the midterm elections could be a massacre, and the Republican candidates are the victims. Bannon thinks using the same Republican playbook will give the Democrats the impetus they need to take over the House and possibly the Senate.

The Democrats need to turn 24 seats in order to take control of the House, and Bannon believes the Democrats will win unless all Republicans rally around Donald Trump. Bannon is urging Trump voters to go to the polls and vote because he thinks the Democrats have the political wind in their favor. He also thinks all Republican candidates should appeal to Trump supporters if they want to win in November.

There is little doubt in political circles. The Republican Party has cracks in its voter base. There are two types of conservatives fighting to stay alive, and both may fall in November unless the conservatives that don’t like Trump’s behavior stick with him to score a win, according to Mr. Bannon.

Bannon is producing a movie about Trump called Trump@War, and he hopes that will help Trump supporters and other Republicans rally around Republican candidates in November. Mr. Bannon is also dialing up his best Steve Bannon act on Sunday political talk shows. Bannon thinks Trump economic record shows Trump’s political agenda is working. Even though Bannon got his walking papers from Trump, Steve still believes Trump’s policies are the right policies for the country. Bannon likes the idea of tariffs and the trade war they will ignite.

Trump’s public attack on women and minorities is just Trump’s style, and they don’t present a problem, according to Bannon. Bannon thinks people should listen to Trump’s message, not his noise. But that’s hard to do for some Republicans. Those Republicans still believe in Trump is taking the Party into a political Little Big Horn and Trump’s scalp is up for grabs.

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