LimeCrime Introduces its Magic to the United Kingdom

lime crime's new plushies campaign

LimeCrime, a company with an enthusiastic following resembling a cult, has now officially launched its business at Selfridges Beauty Hall located in the United Kingdom. Selfridges is perhaps one of the most revered department stores in the world. There is no doubt that the department store wants to appeal to vegans, vegetarians and others who frown upon cruelty to animals.

Owned and managed by Tengram Capital Partners, the business is known as a forward-looking company catering to vegans. With its innovative makeup and hair product lines, the company is proud of its vegan products that do not harm animals. Plus, the bright hair and lipstick hues continue to attract millenials and other consumers. It was only a matter of time before the beauty products spread their wings and landed in the United Kingdom. After a decade of selling vegan products to discerning consumers, the company has finally made its mark in the United Kingdom.

The incredible makeup line appeals to fashion-conscious individuals who want to look different. With colors more brilliant than the shades occurring in a rainbow, the brand consists of products that differ from traditional beauty brands. An important aspect of the products is that they are made from vegan ingredients. People who wear makeup and dye their hair with the fashionable products manage to look creative while also supporting their animal friends.

Lime Crime is a Vegan Friendly Company

Vegans are strict about the products they eat and wear, including shoes and fashion bags made from faux leather materials instead of real leather. Consequently, the fashion line allows people to wear makeup and dye their hair without experiencing any guilt. Numerous company CEOs are aware of the trend to produce cruelty-free vegan products. Existing in the United States since 2008, the company is committed to manufacturing products that are not derived from animals.


In addition, all of the company’s products are officially certified by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and the Leaping Bunny program. Free from items produced by bees, dairy product derivatives, insect dyes and lanolin derived from wool, the company’s management team has a vision to create beauty products in a different way. In fact, “do beauty differently” is the official focus and mission.

model holding the lime crime venus 3 palette, vegan cruelty free makeup
Lime Crime’s Venus 3 Palette

Earlier in 2018, the company joined Revolve with an intention to make the products available to consumers in China without violating the country’s policies regarding animal testing. Even though the company only recently launched its products in the United Kingdom, Selfridges is already experiencing a surge in demand for products that include the Unicorn hair colors and the Venus XL eye shadow pallette. Selfridges is offering online products in addition to the items found in its physical store. Prices for the products start at £18.00 per item. Consumers can also buy the vegan beauty products at Cult Beauty and Asos.

Sales of cruelty-free products are increasing in the United Kingdom. A recent survey shows that British consumers purchased approximately 40% more vegan beauty products during the past year than in previous years. Helen Duxbury, the NPD UK Senior Account manager, mentioned that more consumers want to buy products that are not cruel to animals. She said that people want to find out about the basic philosophical views of a business before they purchase the company’s products.

New Ownership

Tengram Capital Partners is an equity business focused on discovering companies known for producing creative brands that stand out from the crowd. The recent acquisition of LimeCrime by Tengram Capital Partners is a perfect match. The makeup and hair product company has achieved success as a business that manufactures beauty products resonating with the inner emotions felt by many consumers.

Typical customers include people who want to create their own styles. Self-expression takes a new approach when traditional methods are abandoned in favor of modern trends. For instance, Unicorn lipsticks resonate with people who want to believe that unicorns and other mythical creatures have merit in a world consumed by technology. A bit of magic offers a breath of fresh air for the contemporary consumer who loves wearing Diamond crushers for lip toppers or hair colors that defy tradition.

With a large customer base in several trendy cities, including London and Los Angeles, it is not surprising that LimeCrime is now operating in the United Kingdom. As for Tengram Capital Partners, the company plans to add a growing number of beauty products for its appreciative customers who refer to themselves as unicorns. As the group of modern unicorns expand, the company has plans to create newer and more varied products.

Makeup For Every Taste

People who are not vegans or vegetarians may not fully grasp the focal point of a company that manufactures cruelty-free products. However, makeup and hair colors that are fun to wear may have an appeal to all types of individuals. Some consumers may dedicate their lives to campaigning for animal rights while others may simply wish to wear makeup and sport hair colors that make them feel alive.

Many consumers are tired of living their lives with technological gadgets as the motivating force. Plus, they fear mediocrity. After all, there is more to life than boredom. With exciting colors ranging from dirty mermaid to chocolate cherry, every consumer has a chance to create a persona featuring new lips, eyes, hair and clothes to match. Additionally, the fact that LimeCrime products do not harm animals appeals to kindhearted consumers who feel compassion for all living creatures.

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