Microsoft Becomes Friendly

At a certain point in time, Microsoft symbolized all that was awkward in the tech industry. It symbolized greed, monopoly, and focused on marginalizing profits without the care of the public interest. During the beginning, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer ran over their competitors in an attempt to control the tech market on a global scale. Such incentives include providing a demand for operating systems and application software. However, as of recent times, Microsoft has embraced the functional role in the tech world. The firm has acted as an intermediary between technology and the public. For instance, Microsoft revealed proof that the Russian government had marked three congressional campaigns in the forthcoming midterm elections.

The Kremlin discovered such allegations as it engaged its long-term battle with the Russian government-backed-hacking cyber-crime mob known as Fancy Bear. Microsoft has been fighting with Fancy Bear for over a year now. Fancy Bear targets the command-and-control servers that regulate malware as well as installs malware on the victim’s computers as they visit online sites. To fight the cyber-crime mob, Microsoft got a court order to force domain registrars to turn over Microsoft’s trademark. The hackers route the malware-related traffic to their servers so they can use the domains. Microsoft, on the other hand, redirects the traffic from the domains to its servers thus preventing the attack.

After Microsoft found out about the attack on the congressional campaigns, it caused an aura of uncertainty, especially, to the Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill, who is seeking re-election. The Senator is fragile as her state voted for President Donald Trump. Microsoft’s vice president, Tom Burt said that they discovered that a fake Microsoft page had been set up. They later discovered metadata that showed the attacks targeted three congressional candidates who were seeking election in the midterm polls. The domain was immediately pulled down, and Microsoft is now working with the government to prevent any further attacks.

Microsoft later went on to reveal that the Russians targeted the 2016 elections, a comment that President Trump denied. Moreover, if Microsoft had no technological ties with the attacks, it would stay away from the political scene. Also, it would not have made the announcement when the Fancy Bear news still made the headlines. The firm is also championing for the incentive of face recognition to be regulated by the federal government. Brad Smith, Microsoft’s president, said that tech could record photos and even reunite families, but still it can be abused by private entities.

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